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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Idaho Criminal History Records Public?

Yes, under the provisions set out in Idaho Code 67-3008 the public may access Idaho criminal history information. Please see Public Access To Criminal History Information.

Are juvenile criminal histories available?

No. Juvenile records are not included in the Idaho database. However, if a juvenile was adjudicated as an adult, the record of that event would be available.

What is criminal history information?

The criminal history contains information based arrest data reported to BCI from Idaho criminal justice agencies.
If an arrest fingerprint card is not submitted, the information on an arrest will not be present on an Idaho criminal history. In some instances, a record of arrest may be found at the local level, but not within the state criminal history. The Idaho criminal history database contains information on Idaho arrests only, and does not include other state's record, FBI records, or subjects convicted in federal court.

What if the record has charges that do not belong to me?

All arrest events in the Idaho database are supported by fingerprints. If a person disputes the accuracy of the information obtained in a background check, the person may request a certified copy of his or her record by following the instructions in the Fingerprint Based Check. When challenging a record, the fingerprint based check is processed free of charge. After reviewing the record the individual may supply supplemental information from the arresting agency or court. All information provided will be reviewed and entered into the record if needed.

Can a local law enforcement agency do a statewide criminal records check for the public?

No. Only BCI has the authorization to conduct a statewide record check for non-criminal justice licensure or employment screening purposes. A local law enforcement agency may do a check of its records only.

How long will information stay on my criminal record?

Information remains in a criminal record indefinitely, unless a legal action has been taken by the court for complete removal of data.

Will a charge that has been dismissed show on my record?

Yes. A charge that has been dismissed will continue to show on a record with the dismissal action also noted.


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