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Criminal History Information

The Idaho State Police, Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) maintains the state's central repository of criminal history information. The repository is an automated database of records based on fingerprint arrest records reported to BCI from Idaho criminal justice agencies.

The information in the database is critical to effective decision-making at every phase of the criminal justice process. This information is available on-line to authorized criminal justice agencies.

In addition, the criminal history system is increasingly used for non-criminal justice background checks, such as employment screening and licensure.  The automated criminal history records may be searched by name or by fingerprints. Instructions on how to obtain criminal history information can be found by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Read Your Criminal History Record

Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)

AFIS is a powerful identification and crime-solving tool.  Arrest fingerprints can be quickly searched against millions of prints in an automated file, and identification can be made from a list of candidates.  AFIS also dramatically increases the efficiency of matching and identifying latent fingerprints.

Idaho is a charter member of the Western Identification Network (WIN).  This cooperative arrangement provides the capability to search fingerprint records in a centralized database created by Idaho, Alaska, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.  Fingerprint records in California may also be searched through WIN.


Electronic Fingerprint Submissions

We accept electronic submissions of criminal arrest cards and authorized civil fingerprint cards. If your agency would like to begin submitting electronic fingerprint cards, please contact:

Kathy Blades
(208) 884-7134

Palm Printing Procedures

For Information on palm printing procedures please visit the following link:

(Your agency must have an ILETS connection)

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Kathy Blades
Criminal Records Supervisor