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ISP Program

Docket Description Docket Status
Bureau of Criminal Identification

11.10.01 Rules Governing Idaho Public Safety and Security Information System

Amends fees charged to users of Idaho Public Safety and Security Information System. (ILETS)

Bureau of Criminal Identification

11.10.02 Rules Establishing Fees for Services-Idaho Criminal Justice Information System

Include terms defined in Section 67-3001, Idaho Code, provide procedure for expungement of a criminal history record, and for the transmittal of criminal history arrest fingerprints.

Admin Bulletin Vol. 13-10



11.11.01 Rules of the Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training Council

Defines and clarifies the character qualifications and disqualification in the area of moral turpitude, drug use, and
criminal record. Allows students who are applicants to attend college training programs to appeal denial of
application to the POST Council Hearing Board.

Racing Commission

11.04.02 Rules Governing Simulcasting

Effective July 1, 2013, section 54-2512A, Idaho Code charges the Racing Commission with enforcing and regulating all historical horse race wagering in Idaho. Rules need to be in effect in order to fulfill legislative directives.

Racing Commission

11.04.11 Rules Governing Equine Veterinary Practices, Permitted Medications, Banned Substances and Drug Testing of Horses

This rule will provide specific language to clarify whether horses with positive drug tests were ineligible to have
raced. This rule will provide clarity and specify that when a horse is considered ineligible, the horse will be
disqualified and purse money will be redistributed accordingly.












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