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State Police


The Federal 1033 Excess Military Equipment Program is part of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Law Enforcement Suport Office (LESO).  Agencies with arrest and apprehension authority, including tribal police departments, may participate in this program.  Under the 1033 Program, approved agencies may request excess military equipment at no cost to the agency.  Costs are only incurred when an agency has equipment shipped to them.  Property obtained through the 1033 Program cannot be transferred, sold, disposed, destroyed, or traded without approval, as ownership of property is retained by Department of Defense.

Idaho's 1033 Program manager and State Point of Contact (POC) is Amy Jordan, whose authority is delegated by the Governor-appointed State Coordinator, Colonel Ralph Powell, Director of the Idaho State Police.  Any questions regarding the 1033 Program in Idaho should be directed to Amy.


For additional information on the 1033 Program, please see: