Audit and Training

The BCI Audit and Training team provides training to the criminal justice community for ILETS, Fingerprinting, Criminal History, Missing Person/Amber Alert (including area-specific incident training), Gun Rights, and Uniform Crime Reporting. In addition, classes are provided to approved civil applicant agencies, which includes fingerprinting, usage and security of the personal data. The team routinely conducts integrity audits and compliance reviews to ensure system compliance.

Applicant Auditing and Training

When authorized by statute or ordinance, non-criminal justice functions are allowed access to protected criminal justice data. The Applicant Trainer/Auditor is responsible to educate and assist those responsible for requesting, disseminating and securing this data.

Criminal History Training and Compliance

The unit is dedicated to the protection of all, through the education of those tasked with submission of criminal history data; from the arresting officer, the prosecutor and court, to fingerprint and detention/correctional facilities, to probation and parole. The unit works, in conjunction with the Idaho Supreme Court, to not only ensure all data is entered, but also the integrity and timeliness of the entries.

Idaho Public Safety and Security Information System (ILETS) Auditing and Training

ILETS is a dedicated data communication network that links local, state, federal and foreign criminal justice agencies to state records and files, and to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which includes criminal history data and files on wanted or missing persons, orders of protection, property and other files critical to criminal justice and public protection. U.S. and Canadian motor vehicle and driver’s license files are also available through the system. To ensure system integrity, security and prevent misuse, the section provides training/testing and conducts compliance audits on all agencies with access to data obtained from ILETS.

Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR)

The UCR program collects and compiles crime data submitted by local law enforcement agencies under the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) and annually, publishes Crime in Idaho. The staff also prepares special statistical reports for law enforcement, the legislature, news media, academic researchers, criminal justice officials, and the public.

Audit and Training Contact Information

Sara Breckon
Auditing and Training Supervisor
208.884.7193 Fax

700 S Stratford Dr Ste 120
Meridian, ID 83642
208.884.7193 Fax

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