The Idaho Code is made available on the Internet by the Idaho Legislature as a public service. This Internet version of the Idaho Code may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may this database be published or repackaged for commercial sale without express written permission.

Idaho Code is accessible at the following link:

Administrative Rules

ISP’s proposed rules are accessible in the Idaho Administrative Bulletin at the following link:

The Administrative Rules are made available on the Internet by the Office of Administrative Rules, Idaho Department of Administration. Official copies of the Administrative Rules must be obtained through the Office of Administrative Rules.

ISP’s current rules are published and are accessible at the following link:

The following rule has been issued as a Temporary Rule effective 11/19/2019.  It is anticipated to be published in the January 2020 Administrative Bulletin.

HEMP Bill of Lading
HEMP Driver Affirmation
HEMP Verification

The following dockets for ISP’s temporary rules are published in the June 19, 2019 Administrative Bulletin

Idaho State Police Chapter 11 IDAPA Administrative Rules include the following programs, boards, council, and commission
  • Idaho State Brand Board
  • Idaho State Forensics Laboratory
  • Idaho State Racing Commission
  • Alcohol Beverage Control
  • Civil Asset Forfeiture Reporting
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Idaho Public Safety and Security
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • ILETS Board
  • Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training Council
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety
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