Hey Kids! Learn Safety Lessons with Trooper Teddy!

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See our Trooper Teddy Coloring Book

Let Trooper Teddy teach your kids about everything from safety while walking, bicycling, skateboarding, riding in a car, stranger danger, the dangers of guns, drugs, and holiday safety with this downloadable coloring book.

Great for parents, teachers, and others who work with children. Download the entire 19-page book as a .pdf file or each individual page as a .jpg image.

Entire Book (5MB) | Cover | Meet Trooper Teddy | Officers are friends | Our cars | Bike safety | Walking Safety | Safety at Play | Off to School | Skateboard Safety | Crossing the street | Stranger Danger | Say No to Drugs | Beware of Guns | Danger of Canals and Rivers | Seatbelt Safety | Fireworks | A Safe Halloween | Color the ISP Patch | Junior Trooper Pledge and Certificate

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Need a reason to Buckle Up?

Listen to this radio spot featuring Idaho State Police Trooper Shawn Klitch (.mp3 format)

Idaho’s updated seat belt law is in effect and troopers are citing unbuckled motorists.

Click it…Don’t Risk a citation…or worse!

What does the law say? –

Information Flyer

View/download the poster

View/download the billboard

(To view, click the link. To download, right-click and choose “Save Target as.”  Files are in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format)

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Are you Safely Buckling up your Kids?

Read The USAA Educational Foundation’s guide on installing child safety seats

Also – Links to:

Idaho Road Report
Check the conditions before you head out to brave them!

Motor Vehicle Laws
Title 49 of Idaho’s Statutes covers driver’s licenses, accidents, car dealers and more.

Idaho Transportation Department
Information and resources related to Idaho roads and driving. The Division
of Motor Vehicles
contains some especially helpful information regarding
driver, vehicle and motor carrier services.

ISP Patrol and You

Common Questions for Patrol
Answers to some of the questions we hear frequently relating to trooper stops, Idaho motor laws, and dealing with tickets.

Contact your local patrol office, comb through the helpful links, and meet the people in Idaho patrol!

Semi-Trucks, Safety and Professional Drivers

Commercial Vehicle Safety
Learn about Idaho’s guidelines and regulations for professional drivers.

For CVS Videos contact the National Training Center at 703-235-0501.

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