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Communication Systems
Radio systems provide one of the most essential departmental services; COMMUNICATIONS. The capability of the Idaho State Police to accomplish its mission without an effective communications system would be seriously restricted. For this reason, communication systems and procedures are streamlined, efficient, and standardized. The primary responsibility of the Idaho State Police Regional Communications Centers is patrol officer safety. Additional responsibilities include meeting the public’s safety concerns and providing assistance to other agencies as needed.

Our department’s communications revolve around accuracy, brevity and clarity in order to ensure patrol officer safety. It is through the application of these principles that the Idaho State Police is successful in handling all phases of communications. Success, speed and safety of the operation remain our primary objectives.

Calls from the Public
We receive numerous phone calls from the public asking for information on a variety of calls for service. Many have to do with road conditions and checking on the status of overdue loved ones. We also receive many calls pertaining to motor vehicle laws in Idaho.

Our Mobile Command Center
The Idaho State Police is able to mobilize our Mobile Command Center to incidents throughout the State to aid in bringing tense situations to a peaceful conclusion and is also able to support special operations in the field. These incidents can include a hazardous material spill, major flooding, a hostage situation or a special emphasis patrol being conducted.

Included in the Mobile Command Center is dispatch consoles, phones, computers and a fax machine to help accomplish our mission. Our RCO’s are trained to man this temporary dispatch post when the need arises.

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