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Commercial Vehicle Safety

Working to enforce safety regulations as well as educate drivers and industry about commercial vehicle safety.

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CVS Specialist Jerry Stemm Awarded the Medal of Honor and the Silver Star During Peace Officer Memorial Ceremony. 


On August 28, 2011, CVS Specialist Jerry Stemm responded to a report of a vehicle in the river near Fernan Lake Drive in Kootenai County.  Officer Stemm was one of the first officers to arrive at the scene where a sport utility vehicle had crashed and rolled down a steep embankment into approximately 12 feet of water.  Officer Stemm heard a woman screaming that her two children were inside the submerged vehicle.  Officer Stemm dove into the water to rescue the trapped children.  Because of the murky conditions of the water, it was difficult to for Officer Stemm to see inside the vehicle.  He dove in several times to try and open the doors and get the children to safety.  Additional police and fire responders arrived at the scene and used diving gear to rescue the 5 year old boy and a 1 year old girl, who was still strapped in her car seat.  The 1 year old girl was transported to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane in critical condition.  The 5 year old boy was later pronounced dead. 

Officer Stemm acted above and beyond his call of duty as a police officer and displayed bravery and selflessness as he worked to rescue the children trapped in the submerged vehicle.  His actions displayed the highest ideals of professional and service to the citizens of Idaho. 

Nice Job Jerry!! 


Dot Numbers

Effective April 1, 2006, new regulations take effect for commercial vehicle carriers that operate only within the state of Idaho.  Carriers whose GVWR or combination GVWR of 26,001 are required to have and display an Intrastate DOT number.  Carriers who are 26,000 or less and stay only with the state of Idaho, are no longer required to have an Intrastate DOT number. Carriers who haul hazardous materials that require placards or passenger carriers still need an Interstate or Intrastate DOT number.  Contact Commercial Vehicle Safety at (208) 884-7220 or see the attached information for a summary of the regulation changes.

Click here for a summary of Idaho rule changes. (.pdf)        

Click here for the application form for an Intrastate Dot Number. (pdf)


Chain Requirements

Click here for a link to information on chain laws that went into effect April, 2008. 

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