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Working to enforce safety regulations as well as educate drivers and industry about commercial vehicle safety.

Commercial Vehicle Safety

Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks



Aggressive Driving - Truck image

Aggressive Driving is dangerous for both commercial and non commercial drivers.  Current crash data shows that since 2006, approximately 13,000 crashes and 100 fatality crashes occur each year in Idaho due to aggressive driving.  Aggressive driving can be described as tailgating, unsafe passing and lane changes, failing to stop at stop lights or signs, speeding, and driving too fast for the current traffic conditions.  In 2010, aggressive driving was a contributing factor in 54% of all crashes that occurred in Idaho.  The economic cost of aggressive driving crashes in 2010 was approximately 1.2 million dollars.  Idaho Office of Highway Safety 2010 Crash Information.


Since the Commercial Vehicle Safety Section began implementing the TACT program in 2007, crash rates for commercial vehicles have been reduced significantly. Since 2008, TACT projects have reduced crash rates in the targeted areas by more than 10%. 


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