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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I schedule an inspection for my vehicle?

A. Contact a Commercial Vehicle Safety officer. See our About Us section for the closest ISP district office.

Q. What can I do if a truck drops rocks or gravel onto the roadway?

A. If you have a cell phone, call *ISP or 1-800-233-1212 (REDDI - Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately). Your call will be forwarded to the nearest ISP regional communications center.

Q. I was inspected by an Idaho State Police Commercial Vehicle Safety Officer and need additional time to make the corrections to my vehicle and/or driver. What do I do?

A. Contact the Commercial Vehicle Safety Office at (208) 884-7220.

Q. What are Idaho's legal limitations regarding vehicle width, height, length and load extensions?

A. Information on width, length, and other restrictions can be located at the Idaho Transportation Department Port of Entry Forms webpage.

Q. How are fines for traffic and other violations set?

A. The Idaho State Police do not set fines for speeding or other traffic violations. The base penalty is set by the Idaho Supreme Court.

Q. Where can I find Idaho's laws and codes?

A. Title 67 of the Idaho Statutes relates to the Idaho State Police. You can find additional information on our Regulations, Rules and Statutes page.

Q. Who are Commercial Vehicle Safety Officers and what do they do?

A. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Section (CVS) is part of the Idaho State Police Patrol section. The officers are responsible for enforcing the state and federal regulations governing commercial vehicles as well as responding to hazardous materials spills. CVS officers also investigate environmental crimes that occur in Idaho. See our About Us section for more information and contact phone numbers.

Q. I have a pickup; do I have to stop at the Port of Entry?

A. Pickups with a factory GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of one ton or less that are not hauling hazardous materials are not required to stop at Idaho Ports of Entry.

Q. Do I need a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) to drive my farm truck?

A. Driver's licensing is part of the Idaho Transportation Department. You can find information on all license types and requirements at Division of Motor Vehicles the Driver Services Information page.

Q. Where can I find information on DOT numbers and who is required to have them?

A. Vehicles that have a GVWR of 26,001 or greater that are operating in commerce are required to have a DOT number. Read more about this subject on our Gross Vehicle Weight Rules page.

Q. How can I get a Carrier Profile for my company?

A. Carrier Profiles

Q. How can I find out information about Hazardous Materials permits and endorsements and hazardous materials routes in Idaho?

A. Hazardous Materials Endorsements and Hazardous Materials Waste Permits can be obtained from the Idaho Transportation Department

Q. Does my trailer need brakes?

A. Independent braking systems are required if the unladen weight of the trailer exceeds 1,500 pounds.

Q. As a motor carrier, I have found an inspection report or crash that was done on a driver and/or vehicle that is not mine. What can I do?

A. The commercial vehicle carrier should contact the MCSAP (Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program) in the state that the inspection was done or where the crash occurred. Federal Motor Carrier Offices

Q. Do I need a medical certificate to operate a commercial vehicle outside Idaho?

A. Yes. Drivers operating commercial vehicles greater than 10,001 GVWR in interstate commerce are required to have a medical card. Read more about this subject on our Gross Vehicle Weight Rules page.

Q. Where can I find telephone numbers for the Port of Entry Offices throughout the state?

A. Port of Entry information can be found at the Idaho Transportation Department

Q. Where can I find out about exempt commodities?

A. Regulated and Exempt Commodities

Q. Where can I find the Code of Federal Regulations?

A. View the Code of Federal Regulations