DOT Numbers

A DOT number is a number assigned to a commercial vehicle carrier/company that identifies the company and their motor carrier safety records. The number is unique to the company and should be displayed on all commercial vehicles being operated by the company. DOT regulations require carriers to have an Interstate DOT number if they are operating OUTSIDE the State of Idaho or an Intrastate DOT number if they ONLY operate within the State of Idaho.

DOT Number requirements are based on the manufacturer’s weight rating for the vehicle or the combination of the vehicle and trailer, if a trailer is being pulled.

Carriers that operate ONLY in the state of Idaho are considered Intrastate carriers. Commercial vehicle carriers that operate in and/or outside the state of Idaho are Interstate carriers.

Intrastate and Interstate Carriers

Commercial carriers whose GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), is greater than 10,001 and operate outside the state of Idaho are considered Interstate carriers and are required to have an Interstate DOT number. They can also be required to complete log books and carry medical cards. For more information see the Code of Federal Regulations.

Commercial vehicles who ONLY operate in Idaho, have a GVWR of 26,001 or greater or combination weight rating, who transport more than 8 passengers, or that haul hazardous materials requiring placards, are required by Rule 19 of the Idaho Motor Carrier Rules to have an assigned Intrastate DOT number.

There are some exceptions for carriers who ONLY haul agricultural commodities. More information on exemptions can be found at: Idaho Administrative Rules and FMCSA Exempt Carrier Information.

Apply for a USDOT Number

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues Interstate and Intrastate DOT numbers. Carriers can apply on line at:

There is no charge for an Intrastate DOT number. There may be charges for an Interstate DOT number. Please review the application carefully to ensure you are applying for the correct type of DOT number.

For questions about DOT numbers, please contact:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at (208) 334-1842 or 1-800-832-5660
Idaho State Police Commercial Vehicle Safety Section at 208.884.7220


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