Regulations, Rules and Statutes

Bureau of Homeland Security
Read the state response plan, learn about cost recovery, and find out what’s new at the Bureau.

Commercial Drivers License Requirements Fact Sheet
Common questions and their answers from the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles.

Code of Federal Regulations
Search the National Archives and Regulations or browse through the regulations by topic and year.

DOT Numbers
Find out if you need one, and if you are an Intrastate or Interstate Carrier.

Load Securement

Read about what CFR 393.100-136 requires

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Find out about the newest developments at the federal level, rules and regulations, safety programs, and facts and figures.

Hazardous Material Endorsement Application
If you transport enough hazardous material to need a placard, you’ll also need to have an annual registration endorsement to operate in Idaho.

Idaho Motor Carrier Rules
These are the Idaho Administrative Rules as they relate to Motor Carriers. You’ll find safety fitness procedures, safety requirements, and hazardous material information here.

Idaho Statutes – Title 67, Chapter 29 Idaho State Police
The following sections should be of special interest:

  • 67-2901A (Authority to Conduct Safety Inspections And Compliance Reviews of Motor Carriers — Adoption of Rules — Penalty)
  • 67-2901B (Inspection of Motor Carriers — Exemptions — Certification of Repair — Compliance Review — Penalties)
  • 67-2917 (Hazardous Waste).

Official Idaho Trucking Online Resource

Applications, manuals, forms, maps and permits from the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Regulated and Exempt Commodities
An alphabetical listing of commodities and their status in Idaho.

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