Our mission is providing public safety across the District through Law Enforcement excellence. The District 4 Detective Division is a professional and progressive team dedicated to providing high quality investigations of violations of the Idaho Controlled Substances Act. The Detective Division maintains a staff of seven veteran detectives, one Sergeant, one Lieutenant, one Administrative Assistant, and one National Guard Counter-Drug liaison. The office currently operates a specially equipped unit to respond to clandestine drug labs and in addition a mobile crime scene unit to respond to any crime scene where any violence against a person has been committed.

Our staff focuses their attention to working larger, complex investigations involving violations of the Idaho Controlled Substances Act, including, money laundering, Racketeering, and Drug Conspiracy statutes. The district also responds to the requests for assistance from local and federal authorities in investigations ranging from homicides to serious crimes against property or persons.

Much of the crime rate within the district can be directly linked with the importation, distribution, and use of Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Marijuana. The related violent crimes in this district associated with the use of Methamphetamine and cocaine continue to be a problem. Therefore we continue to place a strong emphasis toward investigations involving these drugs.

We also partner with local community anti-drug groups at multiple levels. Our partners include the Regional Advisory Council, and Southern Idaho Partners against Drugs (SIPAD), whom promote and support prevention, education, advocacy treatment, and intervention throughout the District 4 area. The District 4 Counter Drug Liaison provides class to elementary through high school on drug prevention. These classes include “Stay on Track”, “Project Alert”, and “Class Action”.

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If you suspect someone, or have any information involving drug or criminal activity in this area please contact us.

By providing us with as much information as possible you will better equip us in handling and investigating any incidents.

The Idaho State Police actively solicits information on criminal activity within the State of Idaho. Any information received will be disseminated to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

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