District 5 is located in the Southeast corner of Idaho, bordering Utah and Wyoming. The Investigative staff is primarily responsible for drug enforcement on the state level, supporting the many area local, county, and federal police agencies.

Methamphetamine trafficking, production, and use are priority cases which demand a high level of investigative resources. We house a specially equipped trailer to respond to clandestine methamphetamine lab emergencies and investigations.

ISP District 5 Investigators work closely with the United State Department of Justice District of Idaho US Attorney’s Office in dismantling and prosecuting high-level drug traffickers. Work done by the members of the Idaho State Police contributes to many of the drug trafficking investigations that qualify for US DOJ Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force status.

District 5 Investigations is also responsible for the staffing and management of the Crime Scene Response Unit. The CSRU is a trailer equipped with state of the art forensic crime scene processing equipment, and utilizes the talents and expertise of each division in ISP. The CSRU is available to every requesting police agency in District 5, and enables a speedy response to a major crime scene to allow for forensic crime scene processing. The CSRU has been instrumental in using forensic science to obtain many homicide convictions.

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If you suspect someone, or have any information involving drug or criminal activity in this area please contact us at 208-239-9850. By providing us with as much information as possible you will better equip us in handling and investigating any incidents. The Idaho State Police actively solicits information on criminal activity within the State of Idaho. Any information received will be disseminated to the appropriate law enforcement agency. The anonymity of the sender and the privacy of all information contained in any messages received will be respected.

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