District Five Patrol’s employees are dedicated to highway safety through fair and aggressive enforcement of the law, and by providing assistance when needed. To better serve the outlying communities, District Five has troopers living in and working out of some of the more remote parts of the district. District Five Patrol is proud of the close working relationship they maintain with their local law enforcement partners. District Five has troopers who are specialists in crash reconstruction, drug recognition experts, commercial vehicle enforcement, and hazardous materials.

If you are interested in learning more about working for the Idaho State Police in District Five, please contact one of our recruiters.

If you need assistance in obtaining a public records request such as a police report or crash report for an incident or crash that was handled by the Idaho State Police that occurred in District Five, please submit your request here: ISP Public Records Request. 

Help us

If you would like to report a drunk driver or any other highway emergency, please call *ISP (*477) on your cell phone or 1-800-233-1212 on any other telephone. Please provide us with as much information as possible such as, description of the vehicle and driver, the direction of travel, last known location, and anything else pertinent that will assist us in finding the problem. Thank you for your help in keeping Idaho’s highways safe.

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