Protecting the lives, property, and constitutional rights of people in Idaho since 1919.

Financial and Surplus

Serving the Idaho State Police's budgeting, accounting, purchasing and inventory needs.

The Financial Services Office (FSO) is an internal service unit providing logistical support to the Idaho State Police in the following areas:

  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Budget
  • Facilities management
  • Financial reporting
  • Grant accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Purchasing
  • Surplus distribution and disposal
  • Warehousing

The Financial Services Office has a staff of seventeen providing financial and purchasing support for the agency. All hiring is done in accordance with Division of Human Resources' rules and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions
Information on purchasing, electronic payments and transfers.

Surplus Property
Agency sales. A variety of surplus property is available for direct sale to State of Idaho agencies and political subdivisions at any time. Items currently declared surplus may be viewed at the Board of Examiners website, under State Surplus Property. Additional items that have surpassed their declaration time period may also be available for agency purchase. Contact the Idaho State Police Warehouse Manager, John Riggins, 884-7031, for information on currently available surplus items. Idaho law enforcement agencies desiring to purchase items restricted to law enforcement use should contact the ISP Warehouse Manager to make arrangements.

Public sales. Surplus property is sold to the public through a variety of auction methods, including, but not limited to eBay (store name isp884), Craigslist, Public Surplus, and Musick & Sons. Surplus property is sold to the public only through auctions.

Surplus Vehicles
Agency sales. Vehicles listed below are available for direct sale to State of Idaho agencies and political subdivisions at any time. Contact the Idaho State Police Fleet Manager, Corporal Chris Glenn, 884-7212, for more details. Idaho law enforcement agencies desiring to purchase fully upfitted surplus patrol vehicles should contact the ISP Fleet Manager to make arrangements.

Public sales. Vehicles listed below may be available for sale to the public through live and internet auctions held periodically, normally once or twice per year. Auctions are normally conducted by Dealer's Auto Auction, or Musick & Sons, both located in Nampa. Listed vehicles are subject to prior sale to State of Idaho agencies and political subdivisions.

Listed and or hyperlinked auction services are those used by Idaho State Police to sell surplus property to the general public, and their being listed here is for informational purposes only, and is not to be considered an endorsement by Idaho State Police of the listed companies or the services they provide.

Idaho Code 67-5726 prohibits agency employees, their spouses and dependents, or any person acting on their behalf from acquiring surplus property from the agency in which they are employed. They are allowed to acquire surplus property from other agencies.

1988 GMC SIERRA 1GTGC34K4JE535033 31000
1999 FORD EXPLORER 1FMZU34E5XZA64734 90000
2003 FORD WINDSTAR 2FMZA51412BB93727 63000
2003 GMC SIERRA 1GTGK29U53Z333465 130000
Musick 2005 JEEP LIBERTY 1J4GL48K45W715199 92000
Musick 2006 CHEVY IMPALA 2G1WF52E259386876 100000
2005 CHEVY IMPALA 2G1WF52E059379814 86000
Musick 2007 DODGE CHARGER 2B3KA43H67H714575 116000
2007 DODGE CHARGER 2B3KA43H17H736984 111000
Musick 2007 FORD F150 1FTPW14V27KC85565 99000
Musick 2007 DODGE DURANGO 1D8HB38P67F581450 104000
2008 FORD CV 2FAHP71V98X127186 113000
2008 DODGE CHARGER 2B3LA43H78H134757 110000
2008 DODGE CHARGER 2B3LA43H78H134774 117000
2008 DODGE CHARGER 2B3LA43H48H134764 112000
Musick 2008 DODGE CHARGER 2B3LA43G98H261596 99000
2009 DODGE CHARGER 2B3LA43T59H533852 115000
Musick 2009 Dodge Charger 2B3LA43T59H519532 109569
2009 DODGE CHARGER 2B3LA43T09H533869 116000
Musick 2009 Dodge Charger 2B3LA43T49H513639 110000
2009 Dodge Durango 1D8HB48T99F706530 121000
2009 DODGE DURANGO 1D8HB48T49F706533 140000
Musick 2009 FORD F150 1FTPW14V79KB34577 110000
Musick 2009 JEEP CHEROKEE LOREDO 1J8HR48P29C534364 100000
Musick 2009 JEEP CHEROKEE LAREDO 1J8HR48P49C534365 99000
Musick 2009 CHEVY MALIBU 1G1ZG57K894237258 105000
Musick 2009 FORD EXPLORER 1FMEU7359UA22582 102000
2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3AA4CT2AH113560 112000
2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3AA4CT0AH113573 111000
2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3AA4CT6AH113559 111000
2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3AA4CT3AH113549 112000
2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3AA4CTXAH113550 113000
2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3AA4CT4AH113561 121000
Musick 2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3AA4CT3AH113566 115000
2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3AA4CT5AH113567 111000
2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3AA4CT4AH113575 111000
2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3CA4CT3AH303442 110000
2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3CA4CT2AH303450 114000
2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3CA4CT1AH303441 113000
Musick 2010 DODGE CHARGER 2B3CA4CT7AH303427 114000
2011 CHEVY TAHOE 2B3LA43H78H134774 118000
2011 CHEVY TAHOE 1GNSK2E09BR259812 130000
2011 CHEVY TAHOE 1GNSK2E03BR259885 122000
2011 CHEVY TAHOE 1GNSK2E02BR259991 120000


Vehicles listed above are currently being auctioned, as indicated, or are available for public auction

Updated 11/24/2015

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