Why Choose The Idaho State Police?

Exceptional Quality of Life

The Idaho Department of Commerce’s site boasts that the state of Idaho has an attractive business atmosphere, an exceptional quality of life, limitless recreation opportunities, and a warm family environment that make it a truly
unique place to live.

You will find that Idaho’s pristine, uncrowded environment offers some of the highest quality winter
in the west such as Nordic skiing, Alpine skiing, snow boarding, and snowmobiling.

Idaho has more running water than any other state in the Continental U.S. and offers every kind of river-based excursion, such as white-water river trips.

In addition, Idaho offers diverse standing water environments from
serene alpine lakes to reservoirs perfect for fishing and water-skiing.

Idaho is famous for hunting and fishing. With its huge, sparsely populated wilderness areas, some experts claim that Idaho has the widest variety of game in the United States. Fly fishermen come to Idaho from all over the world for Idaho’s famous world-class fly fishing. Our ocean bound steelhead are also a special attraction.

Idaho has many opportunities for you to experience all four seasons and explore what our state has to offer:

Northern Idaho

Southern Idaho

Eastern Idaho

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Diversified Job Opportunities

The Idaho State Police has many opportunities for work variety and specialization. Some of these areas are:

  • Accident Reconstructionist
  • Field Training Officer
  • Drug Recognition Expert
  • Breath Testing Specialist
  • Crowd Intervention Team member (Riot Squad)
  • Safety Education Officer
  • Armorer, Firearms Instructor
  • Physical Fitness Instructor
  • Background Investigator
  • Application/Promotional Interviewer
  • Centralized Training Instructor
  • Crisis Response Team member (SWAT)
  • Motorcycle Patrol Unit
Picture - Racing to Scene

This is not comprehensive and does not include promotional opportunities into supervision and management. There are also other job opportunities in the Idaho State Police, such as:

Detectives search for fingerprints at a crime scene

Working with the Idaho State Police can be a lifetime career choice with the opportunity for
growth and advancement.

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