ISP Grooming and Appearance Standards

Body Piercing, Earrings, Scarring and Tattoos

  1. The exhibition of non-traditional jewelry, such as nose, eyebrow or lip jewelry, or simulated body piercing is prohibited for all employees while in the workplace or when representing the ISP elsewhere.
  2. The wearing of one pair of single stud type earrings in the lobe of the ear, no larger than 5 mm, is allowed for female troopers on duty.
  3. Visible tattoos that are obscene, offensive, sexually suggestive, profane or discriminatory towards persons on the basis of their race, color, national origin or ancestry, religion or creed, age, sex or disability are prohibited.
  4. Visible tattoos on the head, neck, or hands are prohibited and must either be removed, or covered by an acceptable means that does not deter from the professional image. However, tattoos simulating a wedding ring or tattoos simulating cosmetics or makeup are permissible.
  5. For Troopers, tattoos on the arms below the cuff of the summer uniform must be removed or covered by an acceptable means that does not deter from the professional image.
  6. Intentional visible scarring, branding, subcutaneous implants to the head, neck, hands and arms are prohibited.


  1. Facial hair on Troopers shall conform to the following guidelines:
    1. sideburns may be no more than 1 ½ inches wide at the widest point, and may extend to a point halfway between the lower ear opening and the bottom of the earlobe;
    2. sideburns must be neatly trimmed and the hair may not exceed a length of 1/2 inch;
    3. mustaches may extend no further 1/4 inch beyond the corner of the mouth, and cannot extend below the top of the upper lip;
    4. mustaches must be neatly trimmed, not heavily waxed or twisted; and
    5. no other facial hair is permitted.
  2. Male Troopers’ hair shall be worn in contemporary styles, but cannot touch the shirt collar at the back of the neck when standing with normal head posture:
    1. hair must be neatly tapered, blocked or squared at the back of the head and neck;
    2. hair must be neat, combed, clean, and not cover any portion of the ear.
  3. Uniformed female Troopers’ hair longer than shoulder length must be worn fastened up on the head, while on duty.
  4. Exceptions may be granted by the Deputy Director for non-management Troopers on investigative assignments.


  1. Each Trooper is issued uniforms that are provided by ISP.
  2. The department may provide a taxable clothing allowance of up to $600 per year, per eligible Trooper, depending on available funding.
  3. Each eligible Trooper may receive taxable cleaning expenses of up to $45.00 per month, depending on available funding.
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