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ISP Human Resources

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The Idaho State Police offers a variety of other career opportunities.

A few of those careers are:

Training Specialist & Coordinator

Commercial Vehicle Safety

Communications Officer / Dispatch

Investigations / Detective

Human Resources

Forensics / Scientists

Planning, Grants & Research


Records Specialist

Financial Services

Office Support / Clerical

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ISP - Advanced Training Course

ISP - K9

ISP - Fitness

ISP Trooper
What do I need to know if I want to become an Idaho State Police Trooper?

Do You Have What It Takes?
ISP Troopers share their experiences that contribute to having a career of a lifetime.

ISP Trooper - Lateral Transfer Program

What are the details of the lateral transfer program?

Meet Your Local Recruiter
Contact one of our recruiters in your area of interest.

Why Choose ISP?
Idaho has exceptional quality of life, and diversified job opportunities.

ISP Employment Disqualifiers
What could prevent me from being a successful candidate?

Career Planning

Continue to grow and develop and challenge yourself while employed with ISP.

Women in Policing
Visit the "National Center for Women and Policing" web site to learn more about careers for women in law enforcement.


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The Idaho State Police is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Females and minorities are encouraged to apply.


ISP Human Resource site updated: March 31, 2016

For information regarding the EEOP, please contact Human Resources at 208-884-7019.

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