We Accept Lateral Transfers!

Lateral Transfers are officers we hire from other law enforcement agencies with three consecutive years of law enforcement experience. Lateral transfers are always invited to apply under any Trooper job announcement and may be eligible for a higher starting pay rate.

Already wearing the badge?
Come try ours on for size!

Perhaps you’re already serving as an officer for another agency.  We value your skills and experience!  If you think the Idaho State Police might be a good fit for you, we’d like to hear from you.


Pay and Benefits

Advancement Opportunities

  • Eligible to promote to a Specialist position such as Commercial Vehicle Safety or Investigations after one year of service with ISP
  • Eligible to promote to a Sergeant position after four years of service with ISP


  • Full retirement is available as early as age 50 or Rule 80 (age + years of service)
  • Idaho PERSI is transferable for current members only

Reciprocity questions can be directed to www.post.idaho.gov

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