Realistic Job Preview

To assist you in making a informed career choice, you should put aside the images you have seen on television or in the movies and read carefully about the tasks an Idaho State Police Trooper performs. It is not an exhaustive list, but is intended to prepare you for what you can expect on a daily basis. With this understanding, you should be able to answer: “Am I the type of person who can be an effective Trooper?”

Troopers are called upon to do many things, some of which are:

  • Expertly interpret and enforce all applicable federal, state, and local statutes.
  • Prevent loss of life, personal injury, and property destruction.
  • Provide necessary expertise in assisting local law enforcement agencies with enforcement and investigation.
  • Respond to and investigate/analyze vehicular crashes, crimes, incidents, natural disasters, and potential safety hazards on and off Idaho’s roadways.
  • Interdict criminal elements utilizing highways for transport of drugs, contraband, and other criminal activities.
  • Assist in mitigating civil disorders.
  • Render any needed humanitarian aid to citizens and local units of government.
  • Develop and utilize community relations’ expertise.
  • Provide executive protection services.
  • Materially participate in the prosecution of offenders.
  • Complete additional professional training for acquisition of specialty skill sets and perform related work.
  • Ensure the safe transport of hazardous and nuclear materials across and through Idaho.
  • Inspect heavy trucks to ensure compliance with state and federal motor carrier laws dealing with the vehicle, driver and cargo.

Examples of Work

(May include, but not limited to the following)

Patrol/Traffic Enforcement duties:

Enforces a broad range of motor vehicle safety laws for numerous types
of vehicles and operations; observes and analyzes traffic flow patterns, roadway and weather conditions, and operating practices to determine and implement a variety of potential corrective actions; enforces Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and related impaired operation laws, conducts field sobriety and blood-alcohol testing, and detains, transports, and books suspects; provides a wide variety of motorist assistance, investigates abandoned vehicles, and provides agency assistance in the transportation of blood, serum, and medicine; acts as initial on-scene commander for vehicle crashes, crime scenes, and/or disasters and assesses additional needs and requests situation- specific agency assistance; performs crash victim extraction, injury triage and management; related criminal investigations; maintains all case documentation and the necessary chain of evidence for crashes and incidents.

Criminal Interception/Interdiction:

Participates in manhunts for prison/jail escapees and other wanted
individuals; conducts high-speed pursuits, stops, and arrests of offenders; serves as an entry team member for warrant service; conducts searches of property and buildings; provides primary response to crimes in progress and/or back-up assistance for local law enforcement agencies; and renders assistance in riot control and similar civil disturbances; conducts roadside investigations of drug couriers and other criminals.

Community and Public/Media Relations:

Communicates with area educational institutions, units of
government, and community organization to form crime prevention and public safety education partnerships; researches current topics and data in development of educational presentations; presents audience-appropriate lectures, workshops, and seminars for children, adolescents, and adults in a wide variety of subject areas; responds to specific requests for informational and educational programs; acts as a media contact for the Idaho State Police upon receiving command authorization; provides specific information about current public safety issues, roadway condition, and other topics related to the primary mission of the Idaho State Police; conducts live and video taped interviews with media representatives.

Work Schedule

Our Troopers currently work four 10-hour shifts per week with rotating days off.  The schedule alternates between day and night shifts every two months.

Work Location

As you proceed in the hiring process you are given the opportunity to list your location preferences.  While ISP will do its best to accommodate your first choice of assignment, please understand that assignment to another area is possible.  Relocation during your career with ISP is also possible, although this is normally based on your request to transfer or on your acceptance of a promotion in another . 

Inherent Job Benefits

Our Troopers are each issued a patrol vehicle to take home. All uniforms and equipment are furnished by the Department, which includes footwear, weapons, and protective vests. The Idaho State Police provides a cleaning allowance to help in maintaining troopers’ uniforms.

The Rewards

A Trooper never knows what is in store when the shift starts and this excitement is appealing for many individuals. Everyday is different. Being a Trooper is one of the few jobs where you will look forward to coming to work. On one day, you may console a victim of a traumatic event, you may assist young persons in getting their lives back on track, and you may apprehend a dangerous criminal and receive personal fulfillment in knowing that your efforts contribute to a safer and more secure society.

The level of authority, responsibility, and status you are given in unsurpassed by most other careers. Learning is perpetual, and you will make independent decisions and exercise creativity in many cases where there is no textbook solution. The sense of job satisfaction and personal enrichment you will achieve is unparalleled, and your motivation will always be the fact you have a chance to make a difference everyday by serving with the Idaho State Police.

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