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Idaho State Police Troopers are periodically required to perform critical physical job tasks.  These job tasks have been validated to correlate to a law enforcement officer’s ability to perform the Physical Fitness Test (PFT).  Troopers are required to participate in PFTs on a semi-annual basis, spring and fall.

Based upon the IDAHO Law Enforcement Officer Job Task Analysis Study an officer must meet the following minimum requirements:

Idaho State Police Physical Fitness Requirements

PFT Battery

Critical Physical Job Task

Vertical Jump

14” POST minimum

The purpose of the Vertical Jump is to measure explosive leg power, which is critical for jumping obstacles, vaulting ditches, self-defense, and suspect apprehension.

1-Minute Sit-ups

15 rep. POST minimum

This test measures the abdominal muscular endurance, which is critical for core stability, posture, dodging, self-defense, suspect apprehension, and minimizing lower back problems.


21 rep. POST minimum

The purpose is to measure muscular endurance of the upper body (anterior deltoid, pectoralis major, and triceps), which are critical for pushing, self-defense, suspect apprehension, and roadway hazard clearance.

300 Meter Run

77 sec. POST minimum

This test measures anaerobic capacity, which is critical for short intense bursts of power, including foot pursuits, rescues, self-defense, suspect apprehension, and roadway hazard clearance.

1.5 Mile Run/Walk

17:17 POST minimum

The purpose of this test is to measure cardio respiratory endurance or aerobic power, which is critical for sustained foot pursuits, prolonged use of force, rescue operations, recovery operations, active shooter response, and minimizing the risk of cardiovascular health problems.

Idaho State Police Hearing Standards

Applicant must have unaided or aided hearing between zero (0) and twenty-five (25) decibels
for each ear at the frequencies of 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, and 3000 Hz.

Idaho State Police Vision Standards

Possess binocular coordination that does not manifest diplopia.

Depth of proficiency of a minimum of one minute of arc at 20 feet. Does the applicant possess normal depth perception?

Peripheral vision must be binocularly 200 degrees laterally with 60 degrees upward and 70 degrees downward.

Possess minimum of 70% proficiency on a color discrimination test.

The applicant shall have uncorrected vision in each eye of no weaker than 20/200, with the strong eye corrected to 20/20 and the weaker eye corrected to 20/60.

An applicant who wears contact lenses is exempt from the uncorrected vision of 20/200, but shall have the strong eye corrected to 20/20 and the weaker eye corrected to 20/60.

A full eye examination shall be administered by an optometrist or ophthalmologist to any applicant who wears glasses whose uncorrected vision in either eye is 20/150 or weaker. 

An applicant, who has uncorrected vision of weaker than 20/200, must wear contact lenses on duty or request a waiver to wear glasses.


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