Medal of Valor

The Medal of Valor is the highest award of honor that can be bestowed on a sworn officer in recognition for an act of selfless bravery under extreme conditions above and beyond duty requirements.

Dave M. Cordova 3/3/1990
Dave M. Cordova 4/27/1992
Linda C. Huff 6/17/1998
Wayne M. Longo 12/7/1999
Fred L. Swanson 12/7/1999


Law Enforcement, Firefighting and EMS Medal of Honor

For conspicuous gallantry and exceptionally meritorious conduct at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty.

Gerald A. Stemm 5/18/2012
Allen B. Ashby 5/18/2012


Silver Star

The Silver Star is the second highest award for heroism in the face of danger that may be presented to a sworn officer.

Guy R. Schensky 12/7/1999
Paul E. Berger 12/7/1999
Gerald A. Stemm 8/28/2011
Allen B. Ashby 8/28/2011
Michael Lininger 1/13/2017
Todd McDevitt 1/13/2017


Life Saving Award

The Life Saving Award is awarded to any employee who saves the life of another person, whether on-duty or off-duty.

Jeff Jayne 4/10/2004
Dustin Kralik 4/11/2007
Terry Morgan 7/22/2009
Sean Lind 3/12/2010
Jeff Jayne 1/22/2011
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