Old-District Awards 3


Silver Star

The Silver Star is the second highest award for heroism in the face of danger that may be presented to a sworn officer.

Jose A. Banda 11/17/1999
Tim J. Harms 7/20/2001
Gene E. Wunsch 7/20/2001
Dwayne C. Prescott 6/6/2003
Jeremiah W. Sharp 8/30/2009
Scott E. Tulleners 8/30/2009


Purple Heart

The Purple Heart is awarded to a sworn officer who is injured in the line of duty.

Sam Ketchum 7/5/2002
Craig Boll 3/6/2008
Joe Lake 8/5/2009
Chris Duggan 10/22/2009
Matt Smith 2/8/2017


Life Saving Award

The Life Saving Award is awarded to any employee who saves the life of another person, whether on-duty or off-duty.

George Phillips 9/30/2005
Dean Matlock 9/30/2005
Patrick Mooney 7/3/2008
Shane Langton 4/14/2009
Scott Tulleners 5/2/2014
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