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District Information

Population: 160,109 (approx.) Roadway Mileage: 4,677 (approx.)

District 5 is located in the southeastern corner of the state with headquarters in Pocatello. District Five's boundaries are formed by Wyoming on the east, Utah on the south, Raft River on the west and the City of Shelley on the north.

Notable landmarks in the district include the Snake River, the Caribou National Forest, Bear Lake, the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, and Idaho State University.  Interstates 15 and 86 run through District Five as do US highways 30, 91, and 89. Many of these highways were built on the original Old Oregon Trail routes and Pocatello is considered the "Gateway" to the northwest.

District 5 maintains the following facilities: Patrol, Investigations, Forensics and POST

Idaho State Police Patrol

District Five Patrol's employees are dedicated to highway safety through fair and aggressive enforcement of the law, and by providing assistance when needed. To better serve the outlying communities, District Five has troopers living in and working out of some of the more remote parts of the district. District Five Patrol is proud of the close working relationship they maintain with their local law enforcement partners. District Five has troopers who are specialists in crash reconstruction, drug recognition experts, commercial vehicle enforcement, and hazardous materials.

If you are interested in learning more about working for the Idaho State Police in District Five, please contact one of our recruiters.

If you need assistance in obtaining a police report or crash report for an incident or crash that was handled by the Idaho State Police that occurred in District Five, please mail a request to the postal address listed at the side of this page or email your request.

Help us

If you would like to report a drunk driver or any other highway emergency, please call *ISP (*477) on your cell phone or 1-800-233-1212 on any other telephone. Please provide us with as much information as possible such as, description of the vehicle and driver, the direction of travel, last known location, and anything else pertinent that will assist us in finding the problem. Thank you for your help in keeping Idaho's highways safe.


District 5 is located in the Southeast corner of Idaho, bordering Utah and Wyoming. The Investigative staff is primarily responsible for drug enforcement on the state level, supporting the many area local, county, and federal police agencies.

Methamphetamine trafficking, production, and use are priority cases which demand a high level of investigative resources. We house a specially equipped trailer to respond to clandestine methamphetamine lab emergencies and investigations.

ISP District 5 Investigators work closely with the United State Department of Justice District of Idaho US Attorney's Office in dismantling and prosecuting high level drug traffickers. We are a steady contributor of drug trafficking investigations that qualify for US DOJ Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force status.

District 5 Investigations is also responsible for the staffing and management of the Crime Scene Response Unit. The CSRU is a trailer equipped with state of the art forensic crime scene processing equipment, and utilizes the talents and expertise of each division in ISP. The CSRU is available to every requesting police agency in District 5, and enables a speedy response to a major crime scene to allow for forensic crime scene processing. The CSRU has been instrumental in using forensic science to obtain many homicide convictions.

Help Us
If you suspect someone, or have any information involving drug or criminal activity in this area please contact us at 208-237-1210. By providing us with as much information as possible you will better equip us in handling and investigating any incidents. The Idaho State Police actively solicits information on criminal activity within the State of Idaho. Any information received will be disseminated to the appropriate law enforcement agency. The anonymity of the sender and the privacy of all information contained in any messages received will be respected.


Law Enforcement, Firefighting and EMS Medal of Honor

For conspicuous gallantry and exceptionally meritorious conduct at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty.

John Kempf 5/18/2012


Silver Star

The Silver Star is the second highest award for heroism in the face of danger that may be presented to a sworn officer.

Ismael Gonzales Jr. 5/29/1995
John Kempf 6/7/2011
Tom R. Wright 8/12/2011


Life Saving Award

The Life Saving Award is awarded to any employee who saves the life of another person, whether on-duty or off-duty.

Paul Olsen 6/22/2011
David Noyes 9/6/2011
Todd Orr 3/18/2014
Horacio Caldera 3/18/2014
Tyler Scheierman 8/6/2014


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District 5

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Captain Eric Dayley
Patrol/Investigations Captain


5255 South 5th Avenue, Suite 1
Pocatello, ID 83204
Email Patrol
Fax: 208.239.9885


5255 South 5th Avenue, Suite 1
Pocatello, ID 83204
Email Investigations
Fax: 208.239.9886

DUI & Accident Reporting:
Cellular: *ISP (*477)