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State Police

Crash Report Request

Please use the form below to provide us as much information as possible. This will assist us in locating and providing you a copy of your crash report. If you don't know the information requested, leave that item blank. We'll work with what you can provide. Do note however items marked with an asterisk * require a response.

Did the Idaho State Police investigate the crash? *

Yes No Don't Know

Bear in mind that crashes in Idaho may be investigated by city or county agencies rather than the Idaho State Police. If we did not investigate the crash, we won't have the report for it and you may need to contact the appropriate agency.

Case Number?

If you happen to know the Case Number, enter it here. This will greatly speed our Location of the report. If you don't know it, leave this blank.

Referencing the map below, indicate in which District the crash occurred? *


District 1      District 2      District 3     
District 4      District 5      District 6     

If you are unsure of the proper District, please send your request to the District you believe is closest to the Location of the crash. If that is not the correct District, we will see that it gets to the right one.

District Offices:

District 1 - Coeur d'Alene
District 2 - Lewiston
District 3 - Meridian
District 4 - Jerome
District 5 - Pocatello
District 6 - Idaho Falls

What was the date of the crash? *

/ /

MM      DD      YYYY


Approximate time of the crash?

HH24    MM


Where did the crash occur?

Highway or street and milepost if you know it, otherwise what was the nearest city or town? The Idaho State Police operates from six District offices and knowing which city or town was the closest to the crash Location will help us to determine where the report was filed.

Names of driver(s) involved

Driver 1 *

First: Last:

Driver 2

First: Last:

Other Drivers

If this was a single vehicle crash, list the name of the driver of that vehicle.

If you know the name of the other driver, please provide that as well.

If more than 2 vehicles were involved, add the other driver's names here if you know them.

Vehicle(s) Involved

Vehicle 1

Vehicle 2

Enter vehicle information using the form:

Make / Model / Year.

Requester Information *

Specify how you are associated with this crash.

Please include additional details as required.

Contact Information

Who should we contact and where should we send the finished report?

How should we send your report? *

Email Mail to postal address Fax


Name & Email *

First:  Last:
Please provide your name and email address. If you need the report send to a different person, enter that further down.


Line 1: 
Line 2: 
City:  State: Zip:

Phone number *

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Fax number

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If we need additional information, should we contact you using the information above?

If "No", fill in alternative contact information below. Otherwise, leave this blank.

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Alternative contact information

First:  Last:
Phone:  () -


If there's anything else you need to tell us, use this space. Please note that there is a 200 character limit.