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 ISP Human Resources

Byrne JAG District 3

Grant Grantee Objective



Original Gangster's Basic Academy of


Mission: Gang Avoidance By Intent

Project Director: Steve Torrano

(208) 880-5655

Original Gangster's Basic Academy of Development that provides targeted youth who are prone to gang involvement with alternatives to a gang lifestyle. The alternatives include an education program, job skills training and supervised recreational activities for high risk youth. During this project period, they intend to hire additional staff to focus more on the youth who have been referred by the County Juvenile Probation Department.



Nampa Family Justice Center

Addressing Violence Against Children

Project Director: Rebecca Lovelace

(208) 475-5700

This project provides new and upgraded recording technology equipment and a case manager for a new Children's Center at the Nampa Family Justice Center. The project advances the stated purpose areas of JAG, in particular priority number 7 : “Ensuring that, in the context of continued focus on addressing violent crime, children who are exposed to violence are responded to effectively so that these experiences do not risk the futures of these children and do not fuel the cycle of violence.”



Canyon County

Canyon County DUI Court

Project Director:

The goal of this project is to reduce the number of felony DUI cases, including alcohol related vehicular fatalities, in Canyon County by 25% within a twelve month period. This will be achieved by coordinating cost effective, comprehensive services for high risk/high need misdemeanor offenders through intensive judicial monitoring and supervision utilizing the DUI court model.



McCall Police Department

Server Infrastructure for Evidence Integrity

and Availability

Project Director: Jerry Summers

(208) 634-7144

This project will provide an evidence server that can accommodate the amount of electronic evidence that needs to be safely and securely stored, including digital video and photographic evidence. This project is expected to reduce man power hours for evidence processing, trial preparation and statistical data collection; generate better information about individuals known to participate in the narcotics community; and aid in the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases.