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Byrne JAG Statewide Programs

Grant Grantee Objective



Idaho Sheriff's Association

Automated Victim Notification Awareness

Project Director: Tammara Slater

(208) 287-0424

This project will provide victims with increased awareness and access to the offender's custody status, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, via a toll-free number and the internet. In addition to immediate and round the clock access to information, victims would have the option of registering for notification services in which repeated attempts to inform victims will be made regarding changes in events, including offender release out of custody, release to unsupervised custody, transfer, or escapes.



Idaho State Police -- POST

Cell Phone Forensics Training

Project Director: Marti Monk

(208) 884-7320

This project provides law enforcement officers with a comprehensive 32 hour course in cell phone technology and forensic data recovery. In addition, P.O.S.T partners with the Idaho Crime Prevention Association, the Idaho Office of Attorney General and various Idaho law enforcement organizations in sponsoring a multi-day forensics and digital investigation conference. Besides presenting training in the latest forensic techniques, this conference provides a forum for agencies to share goals, ideas and establish collaborative multidisciplinary policies.



Idaho State Police

Crash Data Retrieval

Project Director: Fred Rice

(208) 884-7214

The Idaho State Police Crash Reconstruction program is provided with equipment that will allow crash reconstructionists to retrieve crash data from airbag control modules in motor vehicles involved in collisions. The Crash Data Retrieval system corroborates the physical evidence gathered at a crash site, making the investigation complete.



Idaho Department of Correction

Incident Command System Enhancement

Project Director: Alberto Ramirez

(208) 658-2150

Radios and other emergency communications are provided to assist the Idaho Department of Correction in achieving interoperable communications with emergency response partners at the State and local levels of government. The project seeks to standardize and enhance the communication and emergency interoperability within the prison facilities to allow us to work together to prepare for, prevent, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the effects of incidents.



Idaho Department of Correction

Indigent Defense Reform

Project Director: Zaine Baird

(208) 658-2115


The Idaho Criminal Justice Comission Public Defense Subcommittee (Subcommittee) proposes a dual emphasis project to start initial indigent defense reform in Idaho. The first portion will hire a part-time staff attorney to support the work of the Subcommittee through research, data collection, brief papers, and reform recommendations to be considered by the full commission. The second portion of the project will hire a part-time training officer and provide necessary training to existing public defenders statewide.


Idaho State Police

ISP Byrne JAG Evaluation Unit

Project Director: Janeena Wing

(208) 884-7044

This program seeks to provide technical assistance on evaluation methods, reporting, and project documentation to subgrantees, and other pertinent stakeholders while monitoring and evaluating selected subgrant projects and providing the federal, state, and local government with published materials on the activities of federal Anti-Drug Abuse grant projects.



Idaho Department of Correction

Sex Offender Management Board Idaho

Department of Correction

Project Director: Kathy Baird (208)658-2149

The goal of the project is to create comprehensive sex offender management policy guidelines under which the Sex Offender Management Board can operate utilizing best practices research already in use across the state.



Idaho State Police

Southern Idaho Narcotics Enforcement Co-op

Project Director: Gary Kaufman

(208) 324-6000

Create a district-wide cooperative to investigate high-level criminal organizations that are engaged in illegal drug trafficking and violent crime.



Idaho Supreme Court

Statewide Technology Design Plan for Idaho

Domestic Violence Courts

Project Director: Amber Moe (208) 947-7451

The grant will support Idaho Domestic Violence (DV) Courts with on-going evaluation, monitoring, and development of evidence-based practices by allowing the organization of a statewide Design Team. The charge of the Design Team will be to develop a data collection/information management system for Idaho DV Courts that will collect relevant data identified by the Design Team to monitor program effectiveness, victim safety, and offender accountability.



NAMI Idaho

Strengthening Idaho Crisis Intervention Training

Project Director:

NAMI Idaho (National Alliance on Mental Illness) seeks to strengthen Crisis Intervention Traing to law enforcment officers across the state of Idaho, in order to improve the outcomes of police interactions with people with mental illness, reducing incidents of violence and diverting individuals from punitive incarceration to appropriate community based medical treatment. It is a cost-saving alternative to incarceration, embracing Smart Policing and increasing officer safety.