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Byrne JAG Statewide Programs


Grantee Objective



Idaho State Police - Forensic Services

FT- IR Pocatello Forensic Lab

Project Director: Karen Stringer

(208) 884-7219


The influx of synthetic drug cases created a large backlog for drug analysis in Idaho State Police Forensic Services (ISPFS) laboratories. To address the backlog in the Pocatello ISPFS, grant funds purchased the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) instrument with Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) sample introduction apparatus, reducing analytical time by approximately 59 minutes per sample.


Idaho State Police

ISP Byrne JAG Evaluation Unit

Project Director: Janeena Wing

(208) 884-7044


This program provides technical assistance on evaluation methods, reporting, and project documentation to subgrantees, and other pertinent stakeholders while monitoring and evaluating selected subgrant projects and providing the federal, state, and local government with published materials on the activities of JAG grant projects.



Idaho Department of Correction

PREA Training for Juvenile Offenders

Project Director: Alan Miller

(208) 334-5100


This project seeks to reduce the incidence of sexual assault on juvenile offenders in residential care in Idaho's county/tribal detention and state correctional facilities by increasing training and awareness of rights and reporting mechanisms, for both staff and juveniles.



Idaho State Police

Southern Idaho Narcotics Enforcement Co-op

Project Director: Gary Kaufman

(208) 324-6000


Create a district-wide cooperative to investigate high-level criminal organizations that are engaged in illegal drug trafficking and violent crime.




Idaho State Police

Idaho Criminal Intelligence Center Enhancements

Project Director:



12BJ09FS 12BJ10FS



Idaho State Police Forensic Services

LIMS Peripherals

Project Director: Karen Stringer

(208) 884-7219


The goal of the project is to improve the quality and timeliness of casework in all ISP Forensic Services laboratory disciplines by fully implementing the new ISPFS Laboratory Information Management System.



Idaho Supreme Court

Statewide Technology Design Plan for Idaho

Domestic Violence Courts

Project Director: Amber Moe (208) 947-7451

The grant will support Idaho Domestic Violence (DV) Courts with on-going evaluation, monitoring, and development of evidence-based practices by allowing the organization of a statewide Design Team. The charge of the Design Team will be to develop a data collection/information management system for Idaho DV Courts that will collect relevant data identified by the Design Team to monitor program effectiveness, victim safety, and offender accountability.

Idaho State Police Headquarters
700 S. Stratford Drive, Meridian, ID 83642