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Protecting the lives, property, and constitutional rights of people in Idaho since 1919.


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Crime in Idaho 2010




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STOP Statewide Programs








Idaho Supreme Court                 

Increasing Judicial Skills in Handling Domestic Violence Cases

Project Director:  Amber Moe
(208) 947-7451

The Idaho Supreme Court uses STOP funds to provide magistrate and district judges throughout the state with greater knowledge and skills for handling civil and criminal domestic violence cases.



Idaho State Police - POST

Investigating Crimes Against the Elderly

Project Director: Marti Monk

(208) 884-7321

POST will offer training to Idaho's law enforcement profressionals regarding crimes against the elderly and how to effectively respond.



Idaho State Police

Evaluation Unit

Project Director: Janeena Wing

(208) 884-7044

The purpose of the STOP evaluation unit is to provide technical assistance for STOP projects in the state of Idaho, as well as the research and publication of the Idaho Crime Victimization Survey.



Idaho Department of Correction

Stop Violence Against Women

Project Director: Janet Guerin

(208) 658-2049

This project educates women incarcerated at PWCC regarding domestic violence.  Data is also collected for future use in the program or resource development.