Idaho Grant Review Council

Executive Order No. 2020-20 

The Idaho Grant Review Council (Council) is charged with the responsibility to disburse grant funding appropriated under provisions of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, as amended, of the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, and other such federal grant programs as may come within the purview of Planning, Grants, and Research of the Idaho State Police with the overall mission of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system in Idaho.

The Council consists of the following thirteen (13) members of the Idaho Criminal Justice Commission (Commission) for the purpose of assisting the Idaho State Police in its distribution of grant funds:

The Attorney General of the State of Idaho
Deputy Attorney General Jeff Nye
The Administrative Director of the Courts
Sara Omundson, Idaho Supreme Court
The Director of the Idaho Department of Correction
Director Josh Tewalt
The Director of the Idaho State Police
Colonel Kedrick Wills, Director
The Director of the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections
Director Monty Prow
The Administrator of the Office of Drug Policy
Administrator Marianne King
One (1) representative of the Office of the Idaho State Appellate Public Defender
State Appellate Public Defender Erik Lehtinen
One (1) representative of the Idaho Prosecuting Attorney’s Association
Prosecutor Grant Loebs, Twin Falls County Prosecutor’s Office
The Executive Director of the Idaho Association of Counties
Seth Grigg
Two (2) citizens at large
Dan Chadwick (Vice Chair)
Bernadette LaSarte
One (1) representative of the Idaho Sheriff’s Association
Sheriff Kieran Donahue, Canyon County Sheriff’s Office
One (1) representative of the Idaho Chiefs of Police Association
Chief Tracy Basterrechea, Meridian Police Department
In addition, The Council consists of the following seven (7) members appointed by the Chair of the Commission upon recommendation by the Commission:
One (1) representative of the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence
Executive Director Dana Wiemiller
One (1) representative of a statewide advocacy agency
Executive Director Kelly Miller, Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence
One (1) Prosecuting Attorney
Jayme Sullivan, Boise City Attorney
One (1) representative of the juvenile justice system
Darin Burrell (Chair), Fremont County Juvenile Probation
One (1) representative from the misdemeanor probation system
Director Jeff Breach, Canyon County Misdemeanor Probation
One (1) Chief of Police
One (1) Sheriff
Sheriff Josh Campbell, Power County Sheriff’s Office
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