Application Instructions

New Application Instructions
Continuation Application Instructions

For up-to-date General GMS Instructions: Sign into GMS, click on the “Resources” menu, select “Instructions” on the drop down menu, then select “GMS General Instructions.”

Application Forms – All Grants

Each grant solicitation will specify the documents that are required for your application.

Expense/Match Budget Detail Worksheet – All Grants

PGR Risk Assessment– All Grants

Non-supplanting Letter – All Grants

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities – Required if asking for $100,000 or more.

Financial Management and System of Internal Controls Questionnaire

Financial Accounting Practices

Letter of Eligibility for De Minimis Indirect Cost Rate – Required if applicant is requesting to charge a de minimis rate of up to 10% of its modified total direct costs (MTDC).

STOP and SASP Application Forms

Confidentiality Notice Form

STOP Application Forms

STOP Formula Grant Program Prosecution Certification – Required for Prosecuting Attorney’s Offices (starting with FY23 funds).

Victim Services Consultation Certification –  Required for all applicants, except victim service providers.

Legal Assistance for Victims Certification Letter – Sample – Required if funds will be used to provide legal assistance.

Data Plan

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the following PGR staff:

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Julie Brotzman:
Kara Thompson:
Misty Kifer :

or email:

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