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The following are clickable links to the most current publications produced by ISAC. The files are in PDF format.

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Sexual Violence In Idaho: 2009-2015. Released August 2017. Using police reported incident based records and criminal court records, violent sex crimes in Idaho are examined. Violent sex crimes and other violent crimes are compared based on victim, offender and arrestee demographics, victim-offender relationship, arrest and conviction rates, and charge dispositions.
School-Based Law Enforcement in Idaho. Released November 2016. An analysis of the law enforcement officers in schools: prevalence of officers in Idaho schools, roles and duties, training, funding, and their perceived effectiveness. In addition, the amount of crime as reported to law enforcement agencies using incident based records and school disciplinary data, the school-to- prison pipeline is analyzed.
Idaho Drug and Alcohol Related Arrests and Charges: 2008-2013. Released July 2015. Using police reported incident based records and criminal court records, the drug and alcohol crimes in Idaho are examined. Reports on the latest number of drug and alcohol crimes, the demographics of users by type of drug, the prevelence of drug use within violent crimes, and criminal charge dispositions.
Domestic Violence in Idaho: 2008 – 2013 Released September 2015. Combines police reported domestic violence incidents and court reported incidents to examine the prevelance and outcome of domestic violence cases in Idaho.
An Evaluation of the Idaho State Police Emphasis Patrols in Construction Zones. March 2015. The results of this study indicate that although garvee overtime does increase citations and visibility of troopers on the freeway, crashes were still at a higher rate. However, garvee projects did show an inverse relationship between citations and crashes during project emphasis.
Process Evaluation of a Non-Profit Youth Services Agency: Original Gangster’s Basic Academy for Development. Released July 2014. OG’sBAD is a youth based services program founded in 2005. The program has received several JAG grants and a PSN grant. This report provides information on the development of the program over time and progress towards the goal of offering at-risk youth alternatives to a gang lifestyle.
Idaho Crime Victimization Survey: 2012 Released April 2014 Provides summary information from the most recent crime victimization survey. 1,517 Idahoans participated in a randomized landline and cell-phone survey. The survey offers rates of reported and unreported property and violent crime in Idaho in calendar year 2012.
Idaho Drug and Alcohol Related Offenses and Arrests: 2005 – 2012 Released July 2013. Reports on the latest number of drug and alcohol arrests per county in Idaho, as well as the demographics of users by type of drug, prevelence of drug use within violent crimes, and maps showing areas with significant increases in arrests.
Native American Crime in Idaho: Victims, Offenders, and Arrestees Released March 2013 Provides rates of reported and estimated rates of non-reported violent crime from the 2008 Idaho Crime Victimization Survey, from Idaho Tribal Police data (2004 – 2009), and from Idaho Incident Based Reporting System data (2005 – 2011).

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