RSAT District 4


Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office

Adult Detention Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Project Director: Mark Brunelle

(208) 736-4075

Twin Falls County seeks to improve access to care for 50 drug dependent or addicted offenders incarcerated at the county jail. Funding a fulltime equivalent addictions/mental health counselor will provide drug/alcohol treatment and mental health care assistance to inmates in order to reduce drug and alcohol recidivism, escalating crime, and to help offenders develop the tools to make positive life choices, live a sober and law abiding lifestyle, and reintegrate into the workforce as productive members of society.

Counselors use the “Best Practice” Matrix Model of Individualized Intensive Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment (MMIIO) to provide a structured treatment experience and give substance abusers the knowledge, structure, and support to allow them to achieve abstinence from drugs and alcohol. The program includes Individual Sessions, Early Recovery group, Relapse Prevention group, and includes Family and Social Support group components. Moral Reconnation and other cognitive and behavioral programs are utilized to enhance individualized treatment.

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