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Crossover Youth in Eastern Idaho: Results from the District 6 Crossover Youth Practice Model Pilot Project
October 2021

In 2019, a group of juvenile justice and child welfare stakeholders launched the Crossover Youth Practice Model (CYPM) as a pilot project in Bannock, Oneida, and Power Counties. Fully implemented in February 2020, the CYPM aims to streamline services for “crossover youth”, youth who are involved in both the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, by bringing together stakeholders from both systems to create joint case management plans that provide the most appropriate services to crossover youth in a more efficient manner. For this report, ISAC analyzed data collected during the first year of CYPM implementation that measure both program implementation progress and outcomes for crossover youth. Results and recommendations for next steps are presented here.

Recidivism Rates Among the Idaho Department of Correction’s Supervised Population
October 2021

ISAC used data from the Idaho Department of Correction (IDOC) and the Idaho Supreme Court (ISC) to determine 3-year recidivism rates among felony offenders in Idaho, utilizing five definitions of recidivism. ISAC conducted survival analyses for each definition. This report presents the results of those analyses, compares the results to other measures of recidivism being used by Idaho justice system actors, and makes recommendations to stakeholders for conducting recidivism research that allows for flexibility and responsiveness to the context in which such work is conducted.

Idaho Sexual Violence Surveillance System: Initial Development and Data Analysis
October 2020

ISAC partnered with the Sexual Violence Prevention (SVP) Program at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to build a surveillance system and public-facing interactive data dashboard that monitors indicators of sexual violence in Idaho. The system is designed to be a resource for all who have an interest in tracking indicators of sexual violence, including SVP and its subgrantees. Starting with a list of indicators selected by SVP’s Evaluation Advisory Committee, ISAC selected 43 indicators to include in the system. ISAC also performed statistical tests on 14 indicators. This report summarizes the process of indicator selection, as well as the results of the statistical analyses.

Explore the Idaho Sexual Violence Data Surveillance System Dashboard.

Idaho Criminal Justice Needs Assessment: A Survey of Criminal Justice Practitioners and Community Leaders (2020)
May 2020

*Winner of the Justice Research and Statistics Association’s 2020 Douglas Yearwood National Publication Award for Best Research/Policy Report by a Small SAC.*

This report presents results from a survey of criminal justice practitioners and community leaders to evaluate the state of the justice system in Idaho and to identify areas in need of additional resources. Topics include current data and crime trends in Idaho and needs reported by professionals in law enforcement, adult court system, corrections, juvenile justice, victim services, government leaders, and community leaders. Major needs reported include mental health services, drug treatment services, re-entry support, rural area services and funding, domestic violence prevention and interventions, and workforce training and increased salaries.

Upcoming Publications

Summer 2022

  • Justice System Performance Data, Research & Policy Analysis
    • Idaho’s Victimization Data (collaboration with the Idaho Victimization Clearinghouse)
      • Report on the state of victimization data in Idaho
      • Interactive data dashboards presenting currently available data
    • An Examination of Domestic Violence Offender Behavior Using Criminal History Records

Fall 2022

  • Justice System Performance Data, Research & Policy Analysis
    • Crime Patterns During COVID-19
  • Program Evaluations
    • Twin Falls County Misdemeanor Probation
      • Adult Substance Abuse Treatment (current Byrne JAG-funded program)
    • Terry Reilly Health Services
      • Mentally Ill Offender Community Transition Program (former Byrne JAG-funded program)

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