Getting the Path to a Picture

The path should look something like this:

Probably the easiest way to get this information is to use the media library and get it from the path of the picture. I’ll outline this below:

Click “Media” on the left toolbar
Click on the image that you want to use in the Recruiter Card and it will bring up the “Attachment Details” for that image.

If your image is not shown you can drag it from Windows Explorer on top of the rest of the pictures and it will be uploaded. Also see Formatting People Pictures.

On the right side of the “Attachment Details” there is a bar with information about that image. Look for the “Copy Link”
Usually the path to the image is longer than the window can show so the information that we care about is clear over to the right. The best way to get there is to click on the box once and then move the cursor with the arrow key to the right.
Find the first number like shown above and place the cursor just after the slash. Drag all the way until you get to the end of the image’s name and extension (jpg) and copy it (<Ctrl>C).
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