Links to PDFs

There are two ways to make a file accessible. Both methods will handle PDFs but will also handle just about any type of file. The first is a standard link. In the case of a PDF this will open the file for viewing (it can be saved locally from there as needed). The second shows both a link to the file and a button that will allow the file to be downloaded.


This is a sample document

To create a link

Place your cursor where you would like the link to go. Assuming you are in a “Classic Paragraph” click “Insert” and then “Add Media”

Drag the file onto the media library

Once the file has uploaded click the “Insert Into Page” button.

The link to the PDF file link will be inserted where the cursor was located and will display the name of the PDF file. Edit the text of the link as required and when done press the “Update” or “Publish” button at the top right to publish to the web.


To Create a Download Button

The download button is created using a Gutenberg block. So add a new block by either clicking the at the top left of the screen or by hovering under another block and clicking on the that appears there. The nice thing about these blocks is that once they are created they may be dragged to move them around the page to where they need to be. We need a “File” block for the download button.

This will insert a file block that looks like this:

Drag your file on to the block and it will create the download.

You may edit the link text next to the download button as needed.

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