District 3 Investigations office is located in the Idaho State Police District 3 building at 700 S. Stratford Drive in Meridian, Idaho. One half of the State’s population lives in District 3 that includes the state’s Capital City, Boise.

We investigate Homicides, Violent Crimes, Criminal Activity, Major Narcotics Smuggling, Distribution and Manufacturing cases (with a strong emphasis placed on Methamphetamine cases), and conduct Polygraph testing.

Our Detectives are also very diverse and well experienced at investigating, seizing and dismantling Clandestine Methamphetamine Labs. Investigations done in District 3 have revealed the area as a source for Methamphetamine throughout the State, District, and as far east as the mid-western states.

Our primary mission is to conduct complex drug & general investigations while assisting City, County, and Federal Officers with a variety of criminal Investigations.

Help Us
If you suspect someone, or have any information involving drug or criminal activity in this area please contact us.

By providing us with as much information as possible you will better equip us in handling and investigating any incidents.

The Idaho State Police actively solicits information on criminal activity within the State of Idaho. Any information received will be disseminated to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

The anonymity of the sender and the privacy of all information contained in any messages received will be respected.

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Captain Michael Winans
Patrol/Investigations Captain

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700 S. Stratford Drive

Meridian, ID 83642

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