Alcohol Beverage Control

Ensuring all establishments selling or producing alcoholic beverages, including liquor, beer, and wine are properly licensed and conform to the law.

The following bills will become effective July 1, 2024:

SB1364 – Combining Brewery and Brewers Pub definitions.

SB1381 – Resort City License updates.

SB1421 – Transfering of Liquor License updates.

Captain Rocky Gripton

Bureau Chief, Alcohol Beverage Control

***ABC receives numerous inquiries about alcohol licensing for mobile beer and wine trucks/trailers. Unfortunately, there is no alcohol license available for the sole purpose of operating a mobile beer or wine truck/trailer in Idaho.***

Essentially, there are three types of licensing available for retailers: bar, restaurant, and convenience/grocery stores. Licensees must hold themselves out from the public regarding how they’re licensed. The premises must be suitable for the type of license being sought and legitimate sales being made upon the licensed premises. The premises should have normal business hours and be available for inspection anytime.  For licensing, a permanent structure with an address is required, properly zoned, along with other city and county requirements for parking, fire suppression, ADA accessibility, etc. Alcohol licensing is required by the state, county, and city if within city limits. Once licensed, alcohol sales and/or consumption occur unless a catering permit is obtained for a special event through the city or county in which the event will be held. A catering permit is an extension of a license for a short period of time for a special event, like a wedding, holiday celebration, community event, etc.

New Idaho Driver’s License Card Design

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) began issuing new versions of driving licenses and identification credentials, which incorporated changes to the graphics, materials, and security features. ISP has heard of instances where bars rejected patrons with the new license, but they are official documents of the State of Idaho.

REAL ID, commonly called the Star Card, is optional in Idaho and does not impact the validity of the credentialing. Compliant cards have a star emblem in the upper right corner, while non-compliant cards have a banner stating, “NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR REAL ID OFFICIAL PURPOSES.”

DMV Driver’s License FAQ
REAL ID Designation

Frequently Asked Questions

ABC Active License and Permit Verification: View, print, and export current alcohol beverage licenses and permits.

Alcohol Awareness Training

Benevolent Charitable or Public Purpose Event permittees may have liquor at your events (July 2022) per Idaho Statute §23-509B.

Current License Holders: Online renewals are sent via email on the beginning of your renewal period.

Guidelines for Alcohol Delivery (December 2022)

License Expiration Dates: Alcohol beverage license expiration by county.

Notice to Liquor License Applicants: Information for anyone considering obtaining a liquor license in the State of Idaho. (July 2007)

Price Posting & ABC Reporting: ABC Reporting Site for Price Posting, Monthly Beer & Wine Reports, and Certificate of Approval Shipment Reports. If there are problems with the price posting program, contact ABC via email.

State-Issued Identification Cards: Information on the new State of Idaho Driver’s Licenses and ID Cards. (August 2018)

Wineries, breweries, wholesalers, and distributors: You must seek county/city approval before beginning the application process with ABC. 

Letters from ABC Bureau Chiefs

Fingerprint Fee
January 1, 2019: The fee for an applicant’s fingerprint-based background check is $33.25 – based on the FBI fee schedule. Cards received with the wrong amount will be returned, and the license application process will be delayed.

Agency and Court Decisions for ABC Administrative Cases
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