Alcohol Beverage Control

Ensuring all establishments selling or producing alcoholic beverages, including liquor, beer, and wine are properly licensed and conform to the law.

Legislative Information regarding – S1120

ABC has received numerous inquiries from industry reference S1120

About the Bill

The language of the bill can be read here: (  The bulk of the proposed changes to the law appear in the underlined text on page 6 of the bill.  The bill does the following:

For new licenses issued after July 1, 2023 

  • Bans the transfer (including leasing) of new licenses issued from the priority list after July 1, 2023. New licensees will not receive the 5% discount on liquor purchases that “legacy” licensees receive. (Page 6, lines 1-5.)

For current legacy” license holders (issued before July 1, 2023)

  • Legacy licenses, if severed from the business and real property, may only be transferred once after July 1, 2023. (Page 6, lines 6-10.). The “one transfer rule” does not apply to the following:


  • Legacy licenses can be inherited through a will (Page 6, lines 14-15).
  • Legacy licenses can be given to family (Page 6, lines 16-18).
  • Legacy licenses can be sold perpetually (more than one time) if the sale is part of the sale of a business and is associated with real property. (Page 6, lines 19-27).
  • Legacy licenses, if owned by a common owner, can perpetually be transferred among commonly owned businesses. (Page 6, lines 28-30).


  • Legacy licenses that are currently being leased may continue to be leased until the term of the lease expires. After that the license is subject to the “one transfer” rule, but eligible for the above exemptions.  Though leases will no longer be allowed, the license can be sold in a “lease to buy” arrangement over the course of five (5) years.  (Page 6, lines 31-38).


  • Legacy licenses continue to receive the 5% discount on liquor purchases. (Page 6, lines 9-10).

There is also an existing section of law that grants a license to a “historical” food, beverage and/or lodging facilities that has been in existence for 75 years.  S. 1120 changes that section to say that: if that historic facility has been issued a license, it can get a second license.  The bill “sunsets” that provision in five (5) years – after July 1, 2028.

Captain Rocky Gripton

Bureau Chief, Alcohol Beverage Control

Frequently Asked Questions

ABC Active License and Permit Verification: View, print, and export current alcohol beverage licenses and permits.

Alcohol Awareness Training

Benevolent Charitable or Public Purpose Event permittees may have liquor at your events (July 2022) per Idaho Statute §23-509B.

Current License Holders: Online renewals are sent via email on the beginning of your renewal period.

Guidelines for Alcohol Delivery (December 2022)

License Expiration Dates: Alcohol beverage license expiration by county.

Notice to Liquor License Applicants: Information for anyone considering obtaining a liquor license in the State of Idaho. (July 2007)

Price Posting & ABC Reporting: ABC Reporting Site for Price Posting, Monthly Beer & Wine Reports, and Certificate of Approval Shipment Reports. If there are problems with the price posting program, contact ABC via email.

State-Issued Identification Cards: Information on the new State of Idaho Driver’s Licenses and ID Cards. (August 2018)

Wineries, breweries, wholesalers, and distributors: You must seek county/city approval before beginning the application process with ABC. See attached form for guidance.

Letters from former ABC Bureau Chief, Captain Brad Doty

Fingerprint Fee
January 1, 2019: The fee for an applicant’s fingerprint-based background check is $33.25 – based on the FBI fee schedule. Cards received with the wrong amount will be returned, and the license application process will be delayed.

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