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Ensuring all establishments selling or producing alcoholic beverages, including liquor, beer, and wine are properly licensed and conform to the law.

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Legislative Information

The following bills become effective July 1, 2024:

Combining Brewery and Brewers Pub definitions.

  • Bill Language: The bulk of proposed changes appear with underlined text.

Resort City License updates.

  • Bill Language: The bulk of proposed changes appear with underlined text.

Transferring of Liquor License updates.

  • Bill Language: The bulk of proposed changes appear with underlined text.

ABC’s ZBR review for 11.05.01 was scheduled for the 2023 legislative session but was moved to the 2024 session to account for potential changes in the statute. This move allowed ABC to focus exclusively on navigating this new law and assisting license holders.


Docket No. 11-0501-2403 (ZBR Chapter Rewrite)
Notice of Intent to Promulgate Rules – Zero-Based Regulation (ZBR) Negotiated Rulemaking

In compliance with Sections 67-5220(1) and 67-5220(2), Idaho Code, notice is hereby given that this agency intends to promulgate rules and desires public comment and input prior to initiating formal rulemaking

Meeting Notification & Schedule

Redlined IDAPA 11.05.01

IDAPA 11.05.01 – Currently posted rules governing Alcohol Beverage Control

Alcohol Beverage Control

Captain Rocky Gripton

Rocky Gripton
700 S. Stratford Dr, #115
Meridian, ID 83642

Phone: 208-884-7060

Mobile Bars

ABC receives numerous inquiries on alcohol licensing for mobile beer and wine trucks/trailers. There are no alcohol licenses available for the sole purpose of operating a mobile beer or wine truck/trailer in Idaho.

Three licensing types are available for retailers:

  • Bar,
  • Restaurant, and
  • Convenience/grocery stores.

A licensee is obligated to present themselves publicly in accordance with their granted license. Their premises must be suitable for the specific license they are seeking, ensuring legitimate sales are conducted on the licensed premises. The establishment should maintain regular business hours and be open for inspection at any time.

A permanent structure with a designated address is necessary to obtain a license. This structure must comply with proper zoning regulations, as well as meet other city and county requirements such as parking, fire suppression, and ADA accessibility. State, county, and city authorities all require alcohol licensing, especially if the establishment is within city limits.

Following the acquisition of a license, alcohol sales, and consumption are restricted to the licensed premises unless a catering permit is secured for a special event. A catering permit is a temporary license extension, allowing alcohol service for a limited duration during events like weddings, holiday celebrations, or community gatherings. The permit must be obtained through the relevant city or county where the event is scheduled to take place.

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Sample Idaho Driver's license

New Idaho Driver’s License Card Design

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) began issuing new versions of driving licenses and identification credentials, which incorporated changes to the graphics, materials, and security features. ISP has heard of instances where bars rejected patrons with the new license, but they are official documents of the State of Idaho.

REAL ID, commonly called the Star Card, is optional in Idaho and does not impact the validity of the credentialing. Compliant cards have a star emblem in the upper right corner, while non-compliant cards have a banner stating, “NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR REAL ID OFFICIAL PURPOSES.”

MVD Driver’s License FAQ
REAL ID Designations


Fingerprint Fee

An applicant’s fingerprint-based background check fee is $33.25 – based on the FBI fee schedule. Cards received with the wrong amount will be returned, and the license application process will be delayed.

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