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Alert Type Name of Person Picture Date Missing Since
2024-05-09 11:09 Endangered Missing Person Alert Michael Joseph Vaughan Michael Vaughan 07/27/2021

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Amber Alerts

AMBER Alert in Idaho is a program of voluntary cooperation between broadcasters, cable systems, and local and state agencies to enhance the public’s ability to assist in recovering abducted children.

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Endangered Missing Person Alerts

A missing person believed to be endangered due to suspicious circumstance, medical condition, or mental capacity,

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Blue Alerts

Created by the Idaho Legislature in 2019, the Blue Alert Program establishes a quick response system designed to issue and coordinate alerts following a violent attack upon a law enforcement officer, or to locate an officer missing in the line of duty believed to be endangered.

About the Idaho Missing Persons Clearinghouse

Established in 1999, the Idaho Missing Persons Clearinghouse provides a central location for resources to identify and assist state and national efforts to locate Idaho’s missing. The Clearinghouse maintains statistical data on Idaho’s missing; develops and provides training to law enforcement on topics relevant to missing persons; creates and provides forms for law enforcement and members of the public to use; as well as maintaining available resources to assist during a missing person event.

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