Regulated and Exempt Commodities

Commodity Regulated / Exempt
Asphalt – (a grade of oil), also Road mix Regulated
Automobiles & Trucks – New and used Regulated
Backhoes (equipment & like equipment) Regulated
Bank documents Regulated
Bark (decorative) Regulated
Bedding Plants Exempt
Beer & Pop (Soda) Regulated
Bees (apiary) Exempt
Beet Pulp (for dairy feed) Exempt
Bones (animal) Regulated
Building Materials Regulated
Cement (dry, bulk, & bagged) Regulated
Cheese Regulated
Chemicals (dry, liquid, Bulk, & bagged) Regulated
Christmas Trees Exempt
Cider (apple & vinegar) Regulated
Cinder blocks Regulated
Clay Exempt
Coal Exempt
Compost (soil aid) Exempt
Concrete (pre-cast) Regulated
Concrete (wet) Regulated (Eff: January 1. 2009)
Concrete Products Regulated
Containers (crates & boxes) Regulated
Corn Starch Regulated
Cream & butter (bulk) Regulated
Dirt  (equipment towed behind the truck to unload the dirt
is regulated)
Dirt (contaminated) Regulated
Drilling Fluids Regulated
Explosives Regulated
Express & small Packages Regulated
Farm Equipment (other than farm owner) Regulated
Fats (animal) Regulated
Fertilizer (dry, liquid, Bulk, & bagged) Regulated
Firewood Exempt
Fish (Live fish in tanks) Exempt
Flowers (cut) Regulated
Fruits (fresh) Exempt
Fruits (processed) Regulated
Furniture (moving & storage) Exempt
Furniture (from factory or store, unless paid for by customer) Regulated
Fur Bearing Animals Exempt
Garbage (refuse / trash) Regulated
Grain Exempt
Grass (sod) Exempt
Gravel (Equipment towed behind the truck to unload the gravel is
Gypsum Regulated
Hazardous Waste Regulated (requires permit)
Hay (alfalfa) Exempt
Heavy Equipment Regulated
Heavy Hauling Regulated
Hides Regulated
Hogged Fuel Regulated
Honey (processed) Regulated
Hops Exempt
Horses (riding, show, race, & rodeo) Exempt
Houses/building Regulated
Household Goods Exempt
Humus Exempt
Insecticide Regulated
Insulation Regulated
Lava Regulated
Livestock Exempt
Livestock Feed/Silage Exempt
Liquor Regulated
Logging Equipment Regulated
Logs Exempt
Lumber & lumber Products Regulated
Machinery Regulated
Mail Exempt
Masonry Regulated
Manure (fresh, dry, & dehydrated) Exempt
Manure (with additives) Regulated
Meat & meat products Regulated
Mercer Authority (oil field Equipment & supplies) Regulated
Metal & metal products Regulated
Milk (bulk) Exempt
Milk (packaged) Regulated
Minerals (mined, unprocessed, Ore only) Exempt
Minerals (concentrated, processed) Regulated
Mining Equipment Regulated
Mobile/Modular Homes Exempt
Molasses (as livestock feed) Exempt
Molasses Regulated
Mushrooms (fresh) Exempt
Newspapers & newsprint Exempt
Nursery Stock (see individual items)  
Oil Regulated
Onions (bulk) Exempt
Onions (packaged commercially) Regulated
Ores (raw products of the Mine) Exempt
Ore Concentrate (processed) Regulated
Office Supplies Regulated
Pallets Regulated
Paper Products Regulated
Passengers & Baggage Regulated
Pearl Dust Regulated
Peeled Posts & Poles Regulated
Pesticide Regulated
Peat Moss (bulk) Exempt
Peat Moss (bagged) Regulated
Plastic Tanks Regulated
Pet Food Regulated
Petroleum Products Regulated
Piling Regulated
Pit Run Exempt
Plant Mix (gravel mixed with Asphalt) Regulated
Poles Regulated
Potato Starch Regulated
Potatoes (processed) Regulated
Potatoes (seed) Exempt
Potatoes (unprocessed) Exempt
Potato Waste (used for cattle Feed) Exempt
Poultry Exempt
Recyclable Items Regulated
Redi Mix (wet)   Regulated (Eff. January 1. 2009 )
Road Mix (hot mix, cold mix, Plant mix) Regulated
Rock (Equipment towed behind the truck to unload the rocks is regulated) Exempt
Rough Lumber Regulated
Salt Regulated
Salvaged Vehicles Regulated
Sand (Equipment towed behind the truck to unload the sand is regulated) Exempt
Sap (maple) Exempt
Sawdust Regulated
Silage Exempt
Soil Aid Regulated
Scrap Iron Regulated
Steel & Steel Products Regulated
Sugar Beets Exempt
Tallow Regulated
Top Soil (Equipment towed behind the truck to unload the top soil
is regulated)
Waste Products Regulated
Water Regulated
Wheat (farm) Exempt
Whey Exempt
Wood Regulated
Wood Chips Regulated
Wood Pellets Regulated
Wood Residuals Regulated
Wood Shavings Regulated
Worms Exempt
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