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8/1/2023  Idaho State Police is pleased to announce that for the second time in three years we have recently been awarded the prestigious “Foresight Maximus” award from the West Virginia University John Chambers College of Business and Economics.  In short, ISPFS was awarded for working within 90% of peak efficiency.  ISPFS continues to be one of the top forensic science laboratories in the world.  That is not enough for our excellent team. We are adding three new accredited disciplines in the next year. ISPFS is seeking accreditation in questioned document examination, crime scene analysis, and digital evidence analysis.  In addition, ISPFS has added a new nurse to our forensic nursing department to support our SANE-A and SANE-P training programs in Idaho.  We have added an attorney and six investigators to our nation leading SAKI cold case and lawfully owed DNA team.

We are extremely excited to announce a new initiative here at ISPFS.  In support of Governor Little’s Esto Perpetua initiative, ISPFS is working with Ada, Bannock, and Kootenai Counties to provide toxicology screening results to the Coroners within 48 hours of submission to the lab so we can identify potential drug overdoses.  We will continue to expand this program to all Idaho Coroners in 2024. All anonymized data will be loaded into the Idaho ODMap program so Idaho citizens can be aware of where drug overdose deaths are concentrated and so public servants can target treatment, interdiction, and prevention efforts to those areas in Idaho. This data driven approach to addressing this crisis is part of our commitment to this initiative. We are also starting hiring and remodeling for our new forensic science lab offering controlled substance analysis in the Twin Falls/Jerome area. We are extremely excited to continue to grow and provide services closer to our customers. Look for us in the Magic Valley in late 2024!

WE ARE HIRING! We are currently seeking to fill four new DNA analyst positions, five new chemist positions (including two for Twin Falls/Jerome), and one latent print position. Come serve with us!

We are continuing our “Forensic Science Forum.”  This popular monthly educational webinar briefing for our customers and stakeholders is now scheduled through the end of 2023.  We will highlight new disciplines, techniques, and other things being implemented or used at the state lab.  We urge our customers to engage with us each month by registering their email address at https://forms.gle/LvGV33v4fhgb7TdaA  Once registered with your public agency email address, you will receive a monthly link to the live webinar training.  Events are recorded for law enforcement audience replay on-demand.  We also continue our LE training series on “Neurobiology of Trauma and Victim Centered Interviewing.” See our ISPFS training page for other forensic science and forensic nursing training opportunities. Also, see the Idaho POST website for training we have developed for addressing sexual assault in Idaho including training for Title 9 officers in K-12, colleges, and universities.

Finally, ISPFS is proud to announce the third year of participation as an early adopter of the NIST Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) standards registry implementation program.  We have officially announced that we either comply, or are in the process of complying, with all applicable forensic science standards posted on the national registry.  ISPFS staff have participated uninterrupted on the OSAC since the inception in 2014.  We continue to expand our participation with NIST in the advancement of forensic science in the United States and specifically in Idaho.

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ISPFS is a proud participant in Project FORESIGHT.  Read more about FORESIGHT at https://business.wvu.edu/research-outreach/forensic-business-studies/foresight

Coeur d’ Alene

The Coeur d’ Alene lab provides the following services:

Controlled Substances Analysis
Field Services: Clandestine Labs
Field Services: General Crime Scene
Firearms / Firearms Distance Determination
Serial Number Restoration
Breath Alcohol Instrument Calibration
Toxicology: Blood Alcohol and Volatiles
Toxicology: Drugs in Urine
Fire Debris Analysis
Forensic Document Examination

Anne Nord
Lab Manager
615 W. Wilbur – Ste. B
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815
Phone: 208.209.8700
Fax: 208.209.8612


The Meridian lab provides the following services:

Controlled Substances Analysis
Field Services: Clandestine Labs
Field Services: General Crime Scene
DNA Database / CODIS
Forensic Biology – Screening
Latent Print Processing and Comparison
Toxicology: Blood Alcohol and Volatiles
Breath Alcohol Instrument Calibration

Rylene Nowlin
Lab Manager
700 South Stratford, Ste 125
Meridian, Id 83642-6202
Phone: 208.884.7170
Fax: 208.884.7197


The Pocatello lab provides the following services:

Controlled Substances Analysis
Field Services: Clandestine Labs
Field Services: General Crime Scene
Toxicology: Blood Alcohol and Volatiles
Toxicology: Drugs in Blood
Breath Alcohol Instrument Calibration

Rachel Cutler
Lab Manager
5255 S. 5th Avenue, Suite 2
Pocatello, Idaho 83204
Phone: 208.239.9900
Fax: 208.239.9887
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