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2019 Forensic Services Accomplishments!

1/7/2020– Idaho State Police Forensic Services (ISPFS) was very productive in 2019.  The lab system focused on a goal to finish many existing projects such as training new analysts, completing validation studies, and eliminating backlog.  We are extremely pleased with the many things we accomplished in 2019, and want to celebrate the successes of our organization:

·         Three analysts obtained forensic scientist certification in 2019.

·         Three FES staff obtained certification in 2019.

·         Fourteen (14) analysts were trained and signed off to perform casework.  Three (3) analysts were signed off and approved to perform technical review.

·         We completed the transition from ISO 17025:2005 to ISO 17025:2017 with a brand new quality manual and many new policies and procedures. 

·         Our IKTS Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System was implemented in several other states.

·         Y-STR analysis was brought online in 2019 and the technology has been very helpful already.

·         Implementation of Y-screening (batch processing of all DNA cases and DNA screening in 2018 led to an elimination of all biology screening backlog in 2019.  This method significantly decreased the screening time for DNA cases.

·         All previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits were processed through the DNA screening process with a forecast to complete DNA analysis in 2020.

·         Increased the number of evidence profiles in the national DNA index from Idaho by 25% this year.  There are now 914 total evidence profiles in NDIS from Idaho, and 188 were entered in 2019. 

·         Increased the number of offender profiles in CODIS to 55,373, with 4,353 entered in 2019, an 8% increase this year.

·         In 2019, the Idaho offender CODIS index has aided 70 investigations for 15 agencies in 12 states.  Many have had hits to homicides, robberies, sexual assaults, and burglaries.

·         In 2019, the Idaho DNA casework section had 34 hits to Idaho offenders and 16 NDIS hits to offenders in 10 states. 

·         We implemented several million dollars in new toxicology instrumentation, and all new high throughput methods including quantitative results.  A new grant was obtained to fund new instrumentation.

·         We reinstituted the NIBIN program for firearms in Idaho and completed a grant application for new instrumentation.

·         The turnaround times improved in every discipline including less than 15 days in the chemistry discipline and less than 40 days in the latent print discipline.

·         ISPFS published the state sexual assault protocol, the SANE/SART coordinator was hired, SANE training was performed statewide, supplies for all sexual assault collection facilities was provided statewide.

·         We completed analysis of approximately 35,000 individual cards and performed 70,000 comparisons so that all of the corresponding convicted offender DNA database samples could be flagged in the state criminal history database.

·         Idaho’s first Forensic Molecular Genealogy cases were solved in 2019 with help from ISPFS.  ISPFS performed the initial evidence analysis and CODIS entry, was involved in the advisement process to run the molecular genealogy, and provided the expedited hit confirmation DNA analysis. 

·         ISPFS provided significant help to the Puerto Rico Forensic Lab and Medical Examiner office.  Staff spent time in Puerto Rico and remotely to assist them in recovering from Hurricane Maria.

·         ISPFS had six people serving on regional and national forensic science organization board of directors.  ISPFS employees serve on boards for CFSO, ASCLD, CLIC, NWAFS, and PNWDIAI. 

·         ISPFS employees hosted representatives from the New Mexico State Lab and the Idaho 101st Army National Guard Civil Support Chemistry Team to assist them with their lab technical operations.

·      ISPFS staff taught at every POST and ISP POST class for fingerprinting and crime scene analysis.

Matthew Gamette

Director of Forensic Services

Cyndi Hall

Lab Improvement Manager

Coeur d’ Alene

The Coeur d’ Alene lab provides the following services:

Controlled Substances Analysis
Field Services: Clandestine Labs
Field Services: General Crime Scene
Firearms / Firearms Distance Determination
Serial Number Restoration
Breath Alcohol Instrument Calibration
Toxicology: Blood Alcohol and Volatiles
Toxicology: Drugs in Urine
Fire Debris Analysis

Anne Nord
Lab Manager
615 W. Wilbur – Ste. B
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815
Phone: 208.209.8700
Fax: 208.209.8612


The Meridian lab provides the following services:

Controlled Substances Analysis
Field Services: Clandestine Labs
Field Services: General Crime Scene
DNA Database / CODIS
Forensic Biology – Screening
Latent Print Processing and Comparison
Toxicology: Blood Alcohol and Volatiles
Breath Alcohol Instrument Calibration

Rylene Nowlin
Lab Manager
700 South Stratford, Ste 125
Meridian, Id 83642-6202
Phone: 208.884.7170
Fax: 208.884.7197


The Pocatello lab provides the following services:

Controlled Substances Analysis
Field Services: Clandestine Labs
Field Services: General Crime Scene
Toxicology: Blood Alcohol and Volatiles
Toxicology: Drugs in Blood

Rachel Cutler
Lab Manager
5255 S. 5th Avenue, Suite 2
Pocatello, Idaho 83204
Phone: 208.239.9900
Fax: 208.239.9887
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