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Do you require assistance in reaching out to someone from our agency?

At ISP, we value hearing questions and concerns from the public about the services we provide to the community. The list below furnishes contact information for each division.

Should you need a record, please submit a Public Records Request.

If you encounter difficulty locating someone who may not work in our agency, utilize the State Employee Phone & Email Search for contact details.

At ISP, we approach all personnel compliments and complaints seriously. Rest assured, every complaint will undergo a thorough investigation. To report your issue and ensure it is appropriately routed and promptly addressed, please complete the Feedback Process. Your input is crucial to us.

Alcohol Beverage Control208-884-7060208-884-7096Email
Brand Inspector208-884-7070208-884-7097Email
Bureau of Criminal Identification208-884-7130208-884-7193Email
Commercial Vehicle Safety208-884-7220208-884-7192Email
District 1 – Investigations208-209-8670208-209-8616Email
District 1 – Patrol208-209-8620208-209-8619Email
District 2 – Investigations208-750-9350208-750-9386Email
District 2 – Patrol208-750-9300208-750-9385Email
District 3 – Investigations208-884-7110208-884-7191Email
District 3 – Patrol208-884-7360208-884-7462Email
District 4 – Investigations208-324-6050208-324-7897Email
District 4 – Patrol208-324-6000208-324-7897Email
District 5 – Investigations208-239-9850208-239-9886Email
District 5 – Patrol208-239-9800208-239-9885Email
District 6 – Investigations208-528-3450208-528-3488Email
District 6 – Patrol208-528-3400208-528-3485Email
Financial Services208-884-7030208-884-7093Email
Forensic Services208-884-7219208-884-7290Email
Human Resources208-884-7017208-884-7087Email
IT Services208-884-7163208-884-7196Email
Patrol – Headquarters Meridian208-884-7200208-884-7290
Planning, Grants & Research208-884-7040208-884-7094Email
POST Academy208-884-7250208-884-7295Email
Public Affairs Office208-884-7122Email
Records Department208-209-8643Email
Racing Commission208-884-7080208-884-7098Email
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