Instructions for Transfering a Brand

Transfer of Brand Form rev 6-1-23

The law of the State of Idaho classifies a livestock brand as “Personal Property”. Therefore, in order to transfer ownership of a livestock brand, or in any way divide ownership of such brand, it is necessary to complete the necessary brand transfer and submit the proper fee. The following requirements must be complied with before the brand is transferred:

  1. The person or persons whose name(s) is to be taken off the brand registration must sign the form releasing their claim to the brand. These signature(s) must be notarized.
  2. If an additional name(s) is to be included as part owner, all current owners whose names appear on the registered brand must sign the transfer form authorizing the new name(s) as part owner. All signatures must be notarized.
  3. If the owner or part owner of a registered brand is deceased, the Personal Representative or the spouse of the deceased person must sign the form releasing the claim of the deceased person. Whenever a Personal Representative signs a transfer document, a copy of the will or a copy of the Probate showing his appointment as Personal Representative for the deceased must be enclosed. A copy of the death certificate may be accepted if the spouse is signing for the deceased. The signature(s) of any Personal Representative(s) or the spouse must be notarized.
  4. In case of a divorce, the person whose name is to be removed from the registered brand must sign the form and have their signature notarized, or enclose that part of the divorce decree that shows who was awarded the brand.
  5. When a transfer of a registered brand is requested, where the current owner has livestock that carries the brand to be transferred, there must be a brand inspection made before any transfer of brand will be completed.

Livestock showing a registered brand on any animal denotes ownership of that animal by the registered brand owner. Any registered brand transfer with livestock carrying that brand, is considered a transfer ownership under 25-1120 Idaho Code.

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