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Our Mission

The Idaho State Police is committed to serving and protecting the lives, property, and constitutional rights of people in Idaho.

Our Vision

Be a model law enforcement agency and an innovative leader in public safety services across Idaho.

We are an Agency that:

  • Fairly and aggressively enforces the law
  • Enhances public safety through a combination of proven methods and the incorporation of new technologies
  • Engages the public through community outreach and education
  • Promotes and supports workforce development and wellness
  • Is transparent and is a good steward of public funds and resources
  • Is built upon the professionalism of our employees

Our Values

The core values of the Idaho State Police guide and inspire us in our words and actions. We ensure this through the following:


Leadership means leading by example, doing the right thing, creating an environment where people can develop, and being willing to go beyond traditional expectations.


Integrity means being honest, ethical, courageous, inspiring, and holding oneself accountable.


Fairness means impartiality in all we do.


Teamwork means communication, collaboration, and cooperation with each other.


Respect means treating each other and the citizens we serve with dignity and humility.

Personal Accountability

Personal accountability means taking responsibility for our actions.

Customer Service

Customer service means providing exceptional internal and external customer service.

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