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The Idaho State Legislature makes the Idaho Laws & Rules available online as a public service.

Statutory Authority

ISP derives its statutory authority from multiple sections of the Idaho Code. During the 2000 legislative session, code sections were amended to reflect the agency’s reorganization from the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement to the Idaho State Police.

  • §67-2901 creates the Department, the position of Director, and provides authority to create any divisions or units “deemed necessary for the administration of its duties.”
  • §67-2901(c)-(h), §67-2901A, and §67-2901B authorize patrol activity and associated duties.
  • Titles 18, 37, and 23 provide the mandates for investigating major crimes, drugs, racketeering, and liquor violations.
  • §63-2552A gives authority to ISP Forensic Services on drug testing associated with juveniles.
  • §67-3003 provides law enforcement support for the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI).
  • Chapters 83 & 84 mandate the maintenance of Idaho’s Sex Offender Registry and the Juvenile Sex Offender Registry.
  • §19-5201 defines additional duties related to public safety and security information systems.
  • §19-5101 to §19-5117 authorize POST Council activities.
Administrative Rules

Idaho Administrative Rules are available on the Idaho Office of the Administrative Rules Coordinator webpage, with ISP’s current rules accessible on their subpage. ISP’s proposed rules are accessible on the Idaho Administrative Bulletin webpage.

ISP Chapter 11 IDAPA Administrative Rules

IDAPA 11 Administrative Rules include authority for the following programs, boards, councils, and commissions:

  • Alcohol Beverage Control
  • Civil Asset Forfeiture Reporting
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety
  • Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST)
  • Idaho Public Safety and Security
  • Idaho State Brand Board
  • Idaho State Forensics Laboratory
  • Idaho State Racing Commission
  • ILETS Board
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Sex Offender Registry
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