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The Idaho State Police is committed to fostering transparency and accountability by crafting comprehensive Citizen-Centric Reports (CCR) on an annual basis. These reports serve as invaluable resources for constituents, offering a clear and detailed overview of the allocation and utilization of tax dollars, as well as the various services funded by these contributions.

Each meticulously compiled annual report encompasses essential elements such as an in-depth agency overview, customer-centric performance measures, a breakdown of revenues and expenditures, and strategic insights into how the agency intends to sustain crucial services in the future. By adhering to the rigorous standards and guidelines set forth by the Association of Government Accountants, the CCR ensures a high level of accuracy, reliability, and consistency in presenting information.

In essence, the Idaho State Police’s commitment to producing Citizen-Centric Reports reflects a dedication to transparency, enabling constituents to make informed assessments of the agency’s fiscal practices and the tangible impact of their tax dollars on the services provided.

ISP fiscal year 2023 Citizen-Centric Report cover

Citizen-Centric Reports

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