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State Police

Welcome to the Idaho State Police

The Idaho State Police is proud to provide law enforcement services to citizens of the State of Idaho since 1939.

Today, the Idaho State Police consists of Patrol, Investigations, Commercial Vehicle Safety, Alcohol Beverage Control, Regional Communications Centers, Forensic Services, Brand Inspector, Bureau of Criminal Identification including the Idaho State Sex Offender Repository, and the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) as a division of ISP with oversight by the POST Council. more...

Colonel Kedrick Wills

Statutory Authority

The Department derives its statutory authority from multiple sections of Idaho Code. During the legislative session of 2000, those code sections were amended to reflect the agency's reorganization from the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement to the Idaho State Police. Idaho Code §67-2901 creates the Department and the position of Director, and provides for any divisions and units "deemed necessary for the administration of its duties." more...

Idaho State Police Youth Leadership Academy

A Message From Colonel Kedrick Wills

Colonel Kedrick Wills

The Idaho State Police is a dynamic force in the mix of entities that provide public safety services to Idaho's citizens and visitors. While you may be familiar with the sight of the "black and whites" patrolling the interstate, there is much more to ISP's ability to protect your property and person.

ISP's Investigations program conducts major criminal investigations with an emphasis on drug, racketeering, and computer crimes. Many cases are prosecuted in both state and federal courts, reaching throughout the United States and across international borders into Mexico and Canada.

Forensic Services provides direct support to Idaho's criminal justice community through crime scene evidence collection and analysis. Laboratories located in Coeur d'Alene, Meridian and Pocatello analyze evidence for every law enforcement agency in the state - in fact, annually, up to 85% of the labs' caseloads are generated by local or federal agency investigations.

Partnerships remain ISP's greatest tool for savings, efficiency, effectiveness, and delivery of excellent law enforcement services.

ISP is not only a law enforcement agency, but an entity of state government. Therefore, a most important partnership is with the Governor's Office and the Idaho legislature.

As an executive agency, ISP carries out those gubernatorial priorities that are within its scope in law, such as emphasizing homeland security or public school safety.

Our mission is to keep you safe: at home, on the road, wherever you are. You can partner with us to achieve this goal by staying alert to your surroundings, driving responsibly, and always buckle up for safety!

To learn more about the Idaho State Police, follow the various links at this site and contact us with your questions and comments.

Idaho State Police Command Staff

Click Pictures to view Bios

Colonel Kedrick Wills

Lt. Colonel Sheldon Kelley
Deputy Director

Marsi Woody
Financial Executive Officer

Major Kevin Hudgens
Operations Major

Major Bill Gardiner
Operations Major

Major Charlie Spencer
Police Services Major

Captain John Ganske
HQ Captain

Captain Vern Hancock
HQ Captain

Captain Russ Wheatley
HQ Captain

Our Mission

Providing public safety across the State of Idaho through law enforcement excellence

Our Vision

We are an Agency that:

Fairly and aggressively enforces the law

Enhances public safety

Embodies proactive policing principles

Is effective and efficient

Is a good steward of public funds and resources

Our Values

We support the safety, security and protection of individual rights guaranteed by the United States and Idaho Constitutions. We ensure this through:

Honesty, integrity and ethics


Teamwork and partnerships

Respect for each other

Courage of our employees

Idaho State Police Forms




EH-06 09-10 Drug Destruction Inventory Form (revised 3/06)
(For Law Enforcement use only)
All law enforcing agencies must complete a list of evidence to be destroyed. ISP will provide the Controlled Substances Destruction forms at the destruction site for the required witness signatures. (Note: the form is in Word format and when loaded into Word, you will be able to fill in the blanks.) 
To download, right-click Link above, then pick "Save Target as" and save to the desired location on your computer.

Cyber Crime Unit

EH-06 09-13 CyberCrime Unit Evidence Submission / Receipt Form
MSWord Version | PDF Version

Download this form to submit evidence to the ISP Cyber Crime Unit.  This type of evidence is analyzed for electronic data such as cell phones, computers, laptops, hard drives, flash media, digital cameras, etc.

Alcohol Beverage Control

Applications for Licenses and Permits

Beer and Wine License Application [pdf]
Form for qualifying businesses selling or wishing to sell beer and/or wine by the drink or bottle.

Liquor License Application [pdf]
Application form for qualifying entities wishing to sell liquor by the drink. This form is for transfer of existing licenses or for a new specialty license. (See Liquor Priority List Application to apply to be on an Incorporated City Priority list)

Liquor Priority List Application [pdf]
Use this application to be placed on a priority list for an Incorporated City liquor by the drink license.

Wholesale License Application [pdf]
Use this form for a new license or to transfer or change your current license. (used only for wholesalers & distributors that will have an Idaho location and distribute beer/wine in Idaho)

Beer and Wine Permit for Benevolent, Charitable and Public Purpose Events [pdf]
Proceeds from the event (not to exceed three days) must be donated to a non-profit organization.

Certificate of Approval Application [pdf]
Use this application for a license to import beer into Idaho.


Affidavit Release of License [pdf]
Transfer your alcohol beverage license to another person or persons (Use only when the original license is not available).

Certification of Annual Beer Production [pdf]
Amount of beer produced yearly by your brewery in gallons.

Supplemental Application for Brewers Pub or Retail License [pdf]
If your brewery produces less than thirty thousand barrels of beer annually, use this form to apply for a retail beer license or brewer's pub license.

Letter of Appointment [pdf]
Use this form for out of state suppliers of beer and/or wine shipping to licensed Idaho wholesalers and distributors.

Miscellaneous Forms

Report Form for Beer and Wine Permit for Benevolent, Charitable and Public Purpose Events [pdf]

Receipt for Sales of Beer in Kegs for Unlicensed Group or Individual [pdf]
Each business selling kegs of beer to go, must have a license and must complete this receipt for sales of beer in kegs.  The form must be maintained at the licensed premise for 6 months.

Ordering Evidence Envelopes, Sexual Assault Kits and Toxicology Kits.

Idaho Sexual Assault Kit Audit Spreadsheet.

Selecting a file below will open the file in a new tab/window. It may be saved from there as needed.

Human Resources
Financial & Surplus
ISP Training
Peace Officer Standards & Training


The Idaho Code is made available on the Internet by the Idaho Legislature as a public service. This Internet version of the Idaho Code may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may this database be published or repackaged for commercial sale without express written permission.

Idaho Code is accessible at the following link:

Administrative Rules

ISP's proposed rules are accessible in the Idaho Administrative Bulletin at the following link:

The Administrative Rules are made available on the Internet by the Office of Administrative Rules, Idaho Department of Administration. Official copies of the Administrative Rules must be obtained through the Office of Administrative Rules.

ISP's currently rules are published and are accessible at the following link:

Idaho State Police Chapter 11 IDAPA Administrative Rules include the following programs, boards, council, and commission:

Idaho State Brand Board

Idaho State Forensics Laboratory

Idaho State Racing Commission

Alcohol Beverage Control

Civil Asset Forfeiture Reporting

Motor Vehicles

Idaho Public Safety and Security

Sex Offender Registry


Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training Council

Commercial Vehicle Safety