Welcome to the Idaho State Police

A Message from ISP Colonel Kedrick Wills 

Even before becoming the Idaho Territory in 1863 or the 43rd state in 1890, Idaho enjoyed a rich history. From the emerald green hillsides, timbered mountains, and pristine lakes of the panhandle to the open landscape, vast farmlands, and beautiful rivers of the south, Idaho’s history lies with its native tribes, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and determined pioneers on the Oregon Trail. These same qualities of resilience and courage personify the men and women who serve with the Idaho State Police (ISP).

From The Bureau of Constabulary in 1919 through the creation of ISP in 1939, our dedication to the people of Idaho remains the same – Serve and protect the lives, property, and constitutional rights of people in Idaho. Over the past 84 years, the members of ISP have worked in local communities to aid motorists, educate, and enforce traffic safety, investigate crimes, regulate commerce, and support local law enforcement.

Over 600 talented professionals serve the people of Idaho with distinction, and I am confident that those with ISP are the best Idaho offers. ISP stands on the successes of giants who came before us, and we continue striving for excellence and leaving a legacy for those who follow.

Beyond our marked patrol units on the roadways, ISP serves our communities in many ways. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Section, the Alcohol Beverage Control Bureau, Idaho POST, Planning, Grants and Research and the Statistical Analysis Center, Forensic Science Services, the Bureau of Criminal Identification, Brand Inspectors, Regional Communications Centers, and the Idaho State Racing Commission all provide vital law enforcement services in cities and towns across Idaho. In addition, the ISP professional IT staff, Human Resources Section, Training Section, and Finance Services Section help support our people and our mission of service. Through the effort of every ISP member, Idaho families can grow and thrive in safe communities.

The ISP is exceptionally proud of our long and distinguished history and has confidence that the dedicated men and women who serve with us will help carry us forward into the future. I am grateful for the continued support we receive from the people of Idaho. We are fortunate to serve in our great state and look forward to continued service.

For those planning to participate in the legislative process with a trip to the Idaho State Capitol, ISP is sharing a letter with useful information.

The letter reminds those wishing to participate in the process that rules of decorum at the State Capitol are intended to maintain public order. 

The Idaho State Police assists in maintaining the public order that allows elected leaders and the public to safely conduct the business essential to keeping Idaho a state of healthy families and strong, vibrant communities. 

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