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Department of Transportation (DOT) Numbers:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues unique DOT numbers for all commercial vehicle carrier companies through online registration. These numbers identify and monitor commercial vehicle carrier companies’ motor carrier safety records. DOT numbers are mandatory and must be visibly displayed on all commercial vehicles.

The requirements for DOT numbers are determined by the manufacturer’s weight rating for the vehicle or the combined weight rating of the vehicle and trailer, ensuring compliance with DOT regulations. This underscores a commitment to upholding safety standards in the operation of commercial vehicles on our roads.

Intrastate and Interstate Carriers:

Carriers with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) exceeding 10,001 pounds operating outside Idaho fall under the category of Interstate carriers and must possess an Interstate DOT number. As outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations, these carriers may also be subject to additional requirements, such as maintaining logbooks and carrying medical cards.

Conversely, commercial vehicles exclusively operating within Idaho are designated as Intrastate carriers. Rule 19 of the Idaho Motor Carrier Rules stipulates those vehicles with a GVWR of 26,001 pounds or greater, those with a combination weight rating, those transporting more than 8 passengers, or those hauling hazardous materials requiring placards must obtain an Intrastate DOT number.

It’s important to recognize the exception for carriers exclusively engaged in transporting agricultural commodities. For a comprehensive list of regulations and guidelines, please refer to the applicable documents.

Applying for a USDOT Number

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues Interstate and Intrastate DOT numbers, which are available through an online application.

Additional DOT information

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